Highest Altitude Fitness Class verified by Guinness World Records

January 11, 2022

New Guinness World Record set at the Altitude OCR World Championships

Lausanne, Switzerland /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Guinness World Records has verified the World’s Highest Fitness Class held prior to the ALTITUDE OCR World Championships, the World’s Highest OCR, held September 19th, 2021, on Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania as the new Highest Altitude Fitness Class World Record, at an elevation of 5,714m (18,746 ft) above sea level.

The World’s Highest Fitness Class was used as a warmup for the 2021 ALTITUDE OCR World Championships, the culmination of the ALTITUDE OCR World Series and ALTITUDE OCR World Finals owned and produced by E.P. Global Events in collaboration with World’s Highest OCR and World Obstacle.”

The Highest Altitude Fitness Class World Record was set in the volcano crater after the athletes had summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro at an altitude of 5,895 m (19,341 ft.) Athletes spent 5 minutes doing dynamic stretching as the warmup, then went through the lesson plan of instruction and demonstration by the fitness instructor (Dave Pickles) followed by participation by all participants through five obstacles and then a warm down medical check to complete the class. The five obstacles were 1) Cargo net crawl 2) Balance beam 3) Low wall 4) Sandbag carry 5) Cargo net climb.

Achieving the Highest Altitude Fitness Class Guinness World Record was a great record to achieve in itself” said EP Global Events Co-Founder and Co-Director, Mr. Robert Edmond. “Organizing two Guinness World Records on the same day was a logistics challenge that felt like a third world record!”

E.P. Global Events Co-Founder and Co-Director Mr. Dave Pickles added “The World’s Highest OCR and World’s Highest Fitness Class employed over 400 local guides, porters, and staff who were essential to the success of the records. We plan on returning to build on the success of the events and records last year to take the success to a new level.”

World Records are an integral and important aspect of international sport” said World Obstacle President, Mr. Ian Adamson “Validation by Guinness World Records for the Highest Altitude Fitness Class demonstrates that ordinary people can do extraordinary things and we hope this inspires people to become more active and engage in sporting activities at every level.”

View the record here.

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