Hillsound’s BTR Stool Finds Niche with Hunt Retailers

October 14, 2020

Retailers Report Successful BTR Sales Thanks to Lightweight Innovation

Vancouver, BC (October 14 , 2020) – Hillsound Equipment- the leading producer of winter traction equipment and gaiters for urban and outdoor enthusiasts has once again changed the game with the BTR (Better Than a Rock) stool. Launched in early 2020 as a backpacking stool, the BTR has found a new home in the hunting space as hunters discovered having the convenience of a seat boasting ultralight portability.

Since its launch in February, the BTR stool has gained popularity with a wide range of enthusiasts in activities including hiking, photography, bike-packing, and disc golf. The lightweight construction of the stool allows users to stash the BTR in a backpack pocket, or lash it to a small pack. The hunting community soon picked up on this and a number of retailers latched onto the idea immediately. Hunters, who are used to carrying heavy packs, have often chosen to fore-go luxury items, such as seating, in an effort to save weight. Once the BTR came along, they discovered that the hours spent glassing, or waiting on their target to come into range, were much more enjoyable from the comfort of a good seat.

Outdoorsmans, an Arizona-based hunting retailer of 38 years, was the first to pick up on the hunting application of the BTR and offer it to their consumers.

“When we first discovered the Hillsound BTR Stool, we knew right away it would be a big hit in the hunting world. What we didn’t realize was just how much of a hit it would be.

The BTR Stool truly captures everything our customers look for in a glassing stool. It’s extremely lightweight and durable, and you don’t have to worry about finding a soft spot on the ground to sit and glass. With the BTR Stool, there’s always a comfortable place to sit – and more comfort means you’re spending more of your time glassing and less time fidgeting on rocky ground.

Hiking around the backcountry demands the most of a hunter’s gear and having a comfortable means to sit and rest is a huge advantage. The BTR Stool delivers that advantage in spades.”

– Mark Denham, General Manager at Outdoorsmans

Since launch at Outdoorsmans, the stool has become a top selling accessory, and they have become one of the largest BTR accounts for Hillsound. Additional online hunt retailers carrying the BTR stool include gohunt.com and bullbasinarchery.com.

For more information on Hillsound Equipment and retailers offering the BTR stool, please visit www.hillsound.com.


About Hillsound Equipment, Inc.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Hillsound offers a range of highly-engineered traction devices for a variety of categories, from winter hiking to ice fishing. Hillsound also specializes in the design and manufacturing of durable and comfortable gaiters as well as ultralight seats.