Hot Bento-New Product Category

August 10, 2021

Hot Meal in 10 Minutes-anywhere

Batteries are changing industries and Hot Bento is leading the charge into Food & Beverage. Patented technology allows a hot meal in 10 minutes-anywhere. Catering to American meal trends of Healthy Food, Speed/Convenience and Food security, Hot Bento offers new options for Active Consumers. As Nick Sexton, VP notes, “Hot Bento is like having a personal, portable microwave and brings new possibilities to leftovers and the Prepared Foods category.” Sleek, rugged and durable Hot Bento is Airplane Safe, leakproof, fully portable and simple to use. Limited Distribution and a strong MAP program ensure ongoing profitability. Hot Bento will have a soft launch in September and full launch in October with substantial media support. A great Christmas item with low minimums for prepaid freight from our Colorado warehouse. For more information, contact joe@innospec.us or visit www.hotbento.us.


Hot Bento was designed and patented by International Innovations, Inc. dba Innospec, of Honolulu. Innospec Shenzhen manages production and oversees all QA and QC. Since 1995, International Innovations has been designing and producing unique products that introduce new value and functionality to Sporting Goods, Food and Beverage, Optics and Health. www.innospec.us.