Hot Bento Snags # 3 in Top 50 list

September 3, 2021

Hot Meal in 10 minutes-anywhere

HONOLULU, HI (September 2021) Hot Bento was recently ranked # 3 by Outside Business Journal for the 50 best products of next season, ranked by more than 100 retailers, gear testers, and outdoor enthusiasts. This revolutionary and Patent Pending new product allows a hot meal in 10 minutes-anywhere!! Proprietary thermoelectric design creates heat from batteries-no plug in required for heating.

Company Director Nick Sexton states, “Hot Bento is like having a portable microwave oven. Sleek and rugged, it goes where you go and is designed to be carried in a backpack, cooler or travel bag.”

Hot Bento caters to USA food trends for healthy, fast, and convenient meals. The unique design concept and functionality are gathering attention with significant media and commercial activity underway. A soft online intro has commenced with first container shipping in mid-September-just in time for that special Christmas gift.

With an $89.99 retail, Hot Bento is the first in a family of products designed to help improve nutritional habits. Functional products for food and drink


Hot Bento was designed and patented by International Innovations, Inc. dba Innospec, of Honolulu. Innospec Shenzhen manages production and oversees all QA and QC. Since 1995, International Innovations has been designing and producing unique products that introduce new value and functionality to Sporting Goods, Food and Beverage, Optics and Health. www.innospec.us.


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