Introducing FLATED: Inflatable Automotive, Outdoor, and Pet Gear Set to Revolutionize Road Travel

November 18, 2021

Inflatable, Deflatable and Portable Auto and Home Gear Offer New Category of Easy Transport

(Carlsbad, CA) November 18th, 2021 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – As participation in road trips, staycations, car camping, overlanding, and outdoor adventure continue on a rapid rise, an entirely new company, brand and product is set to revolutionize on and off-road adventures.  Today marks the launch of FLATED, a brand intent on bringing solutions for simple transport, featuring lightweight, heavy-duty and highly portable truck toppers, cargo boxes, truck bed platforms and pet carriers that quickly inflate for use and deflate for easy carry and storage.

Born from outdoor gear and stand-up paddle industry veterans and leaders, FLATED is designed to make mobile and adventurous lifestyles simpler, more efficient, and ultimately more enjoyable.  Featuring high-tech dropstitch construction, which uses tens of thousands of stitches to create a rigid shape and surface, FLATED toppers, platforms and carriers are waterproof, durable, and inflate and deflate in minutes for nimble storage and ultimate convenience.  FLATED product styles come with an easy carry bag with backpack-style shoulder straps or roll up for quick and tidy storage.

FLATED’s initial launch includes the Air-Topper, the world’s first inflatable truck shell, ready for any adventure or everyday use, with initial models fitting Ford and Chevrolet standard and short bed trucks and Toyota Tacoma standard bed trucks.  The Air-Topper features 8 attachment points to secure to truck rails, tinted and rollable vinyl side windows with zipping and removable side screens, and internal organizing pockets, all made of tough as nails, waterproof military grade materials.  All side and back windows are replaceable, and the Air-Topper comes complete with a high-pressure hand pump and easy carry bag with shoulder straps.  The Air-Topper debuts at $1999.99.

The patent-pending Air-Carrier is the ultimate solution to heavy and cumbersome cargo boxes that when stored, can easily take up valuable garage and yard space. Offering up to 23 cubic feet of added rooftop real estate, vehicles and drivers can head out for a beach day or a full-fledged summer road trip with a cargo carrier that fits in a home closet. Like the Air-Topper, FLATED’s Air-Carrier is easy-to-install, maximizes storage and cargo space, and stores in a small, easy carry bag.   Available in Medium and Large size options, the Air-Carrier is a space-saving, cost-approachable game-changer at $799.

Simplifying and revolutionizing pet travel by eliminating the need for bulky hard-sided pet crates, the patent-pending Air-Chalet is spacious, incredibly strong, well-ventilated with zippered screens, and secures to vehicle tie-down points. Cars, trucks, SUVs and living rooms finding themselves crowded with furry friends can now find home on the road again, as well as a cozy place for pets to snooze for in-home use.  Available in small, medium, and large, the Air Chalet rolls up into a small profile for quick and easy storage and goes for $599.

Turning trucks, vans, SUVS into roving homes on the road the FLATED Air-Deck provides a comfortable place to crash while preserving precious cargo and storage space underneath.  Like all FLATED® products, the Air-Deck™ inflates and deflates, and rolls up into a carry bag for quick and easy transformation from usable to storable. The large Air Deck can be loaded up with blankets and pillows for the family, the medium affords space for couples, and a small accommodates a sleeping space for one on its personal-sized cot. The patent-pending Air Deck easily converts vehicles into a mobile adventure for $749.


FLATED was born in 2021 from the minds of outdoor gear and stand-up paddle board industry experts looking for a simpler, easier way to enjoy the adventurous life.  All FLATED products are patent-pending and feature inflatable, deflatable, and easy transport and storage solutions for mobile lifestyles. Based in the stand-up paddle and surf destination of Carlsbad, California, FLATED continues to innovate and bring new solutions to anyone looking to get out more often with more ease.  www.getflated.com