Introducing Helinox x RVCA

July 12, 2022

Art is the Common Thread of New Collaboration - Built to Aid Adventure and Find Comfort in the Unknown

BERKELEY and COSTA MESA, Calif. /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – A balance of opposites connected by creative pursuits, the new collaboration between RVCA x Helinox blends technical innovation with freedom of expression in a premium collection of portable outdoor furniture.

Designed with high-performance aluminum alloy frames, custom-designed joints, and durable fabric featuring the artwork of artists Ben Horton and Kelsey Brookes from the RVCA Artist Network Program. With art as a common thread, this collection is built to aid adventure and find comfort in the unknown.

Both brands are known for their dedication to inspire and celebrate people, community and the enjoyment of the outdoors. Naturally designed for comfort, Helinox’s design-first approach to lightweight, packable furniture lends itself to enjoying longer hours outside with friends and creating new experiences. As a brand, RVCA is about inspiring its generation while providing something of substance. Above all, RVCA strives to create a lifestyle brand that speaks to diverse subcultures and to those that do not limit themselves to one sport, passion, or pursuit.

With art at the common thread, the new collections meld Helinox’s craftsmanship with RVCA’s skate, surf and sport roots, tapping into RVCA’s growing Artist Network Program (ANP), a group of people who are pushing the boundaries of creativity and are dedicated to sharing their life, thoughts, emotions and soul through innovative ideas.

“This exciting partnership with Helinox has opened the door for RVCA into the outdoor space more officially. Not only are we uniting two passions – we are able to showcase some groundbreaking artists from our ANP network; Kelsey Brookes and Ben Horton, who have been a part of the RVCA family for years,” PM Tenore, RVCA founder and President says.

RVCA and Helinox have teamed up to create premium outdoor lifestyle furniture with durable textiles highlighting the works of RVCA ANP artists Ben Horton and Kelsey Brookes. With each artist’s artwork comes their own story about nature advocacy, outdoor enthusiasm, and active lifestyles.
The Collection: Featuring the artwork of Horton and Brookes, the RVCA x Helinox collection includes a set of three items from Helinox’s range of lightweight outdoor furniture: High Cot One, which keeps you off the cold hard ground, fully supported and is lightweight, compact, durable and comfortable; the Table One Hardtop provides superior stability and support while remaining exceptionally light and packable; and Chair One, offering legendary comfort and the versatility to move easily from backpacking trips to music festivals to days at the beach.

The new collection is available online at and

The ANP Artists:

Kelsey Brookes is a former scientist who uses his background in biological and empirical methodology to create a new genre of art. His practice takes ideas and forms found in logic and natural systems (molecular and atomic structure, number sequences etc.) and creates art that blurs the boundaries between science and art. The artwork for this collection was taken from Kelsey’s exhibit at Louis Buhl & Co. (Detroit) called “Popular Psychedelic Molecules, Rendered With Atomic Precision, Using Indian Tapestries.” In the series featured, handmade Indian tapestries were cut up and sewn back together to bring focus to the location of atoms within the psychoactive molecules Brookes investigates. Through this process, he utilizes antique fabrics to forge uniquely distinct compositions that inspire new meaning. As a rock climber and general outdoor enthusiast Brookes continuously looks for these systems and patterns in nature. Explore the Kelsey Brookes collection:

Ben Horton first gained notoriety through graphics he created for skateboards decks – himself a skateboarder, with over 15 years of disservice to his joints. Horton’s ideas come from photographs and his life experiences. The people that inhabit Horton’s canvases have an indefinable connection, something gleaned from their expressions or eyes. There is richness and familiarity in his cast of characters. Birds are a common theme, swooping, and soaring throughout the fore- grounds and backgrounds of the works. He exploits his artistic talents on various acrylics, house paints, ink and sharpie pens. Whatever is lying around and easily available to him. For Ben Horton environmental advocacy is important. Therefore he feels the need to contribute to the preservation of species through the documentation of them in his work. Explore the Ben Horton collection:

About Helinox:

Helinox is a modern design company and the original maker of lightweight, portable furniture and accessories, melding craftsmanship, innovation and premium materials since 2009. We promise you’ll feel the difference in comfort, durability and portability. Learn more at 

About RVCA:

RVCA is the brainchild of company Founder and President, PM Tenore. A global lifestyle brand with a heritage in artist driven apparel and accessories. Fueled by a culture of creativity, RVCA is deeply rooted in and passionate about the arts and active pursuits. RVCA is an authentic brand inspiring consumers through its advocates, artists, events and products. Always original, RVCA is pushing the boundaries of creative expression. For more information, visit


The Artist Network Program, commonly referred to as the ANP, is an ongoing venture aimed at showcasing the talents of known, as well as unknown artists, advocates and musicians who inspire our generation and who push the boundaries of creativity. To RVCA, an artist is not just someone who paints a picture, or writes a song, but rather is someone who is dedicated to sharing their life, emotions and soul through innovative ideas. Together with these artists, designs are made into a limited edition product. From these sales, partial proceeds from these designs are donated to a charity of the artist’s choice.  

By truly supporting the arts and providing a platform for creative growth, RVCA has pioneered the way the Industry works with artists. RVCA and the Artist Network Program were developed to shake the very foundation of our business. By giving back to the artist and showcasing their creative growth. Not only is ANP a RVCA product line, ANP is also a physical component of RVCA itself. RVCA maintains an on premise studio where artists can collaborate, work and produce. For us, art is not a campaign — it is in our DNA.

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