Jetty, New Jersey-based Surf and Lifestyle Apparel Brand, Celebrates 20th Year While Leaning Into Its Roots

April 24, 2024

Leading East Coast Surf Brand Shows Growth in Outdoor, Active Lifestyle

Manahawkin, NJ, April 24, 2024 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Jetty, the New Jersey-based surf apparel company with a growing presence in the outdoor and active lifestyle markets, is focusing on its authentic roots and devotion to the dynamic, moody coast on which it was born. Amid a series of new hires and initiatives, Jetty will look to celebrate the gritty inspiration that launched the brand.

“When you think about our origin story, it all goes back to surf,” said Jetty co-founder and CEO Jeremy DeFilippis. “That’s what we grew up doing and still love to do, but in the Northeast, there’s a lot of downtime. That’s where those other passions come in – hiking, fishing, camping, freediving, anything on, in, or around the water. This year we’re committed to simply reaffirming that our flag is firmly planted in those surf communities.”

At a time when some surf industry brands may be seeing a shift away from their heritage, Jetty sees the importance in continuing to celebrate theirs. The brand has organically grown to 700 retail locations across the country, is seeing a thriving online business, and maintains the Jetty Flagship store in Manahawkin.

“We’re not pro surfers, but we’re a crew that works our asses off,” added DeFilippis. “We work to facilitate travel and time to do what we’re passionate about. Interests change throughout life, but for us, surf is always at the core.”

As it turns 20, Jetty is firming up its team of ambassadors, hard-working men and women around the country who are dedicated to lives around the water. All of these ambassadors are positive role models in their communities, maintaining jobs that allow them the flexibility to pursue what they love in addition to being talented and knowledgeable, from the waves to the woods.

“We’re leaning heavily on our core and doubling down on what makes Jetty unique: our strong roots in gritty, cold-water surf that defines the East Coast surf culture,” said chief creative officer and partner, John Clifford. “Our version of the culture isn’t an exotic and carefree lifestyle. It’s a grind and a challenge, earned over a lifetime of dedication.”

“We have epic days where you’re patiently waiting for the storm fronts, snowstorms, or tropical systems,” added Clifford. “Tiny moments make all the waiting and watching worthwhile when you’re getting waves with just a few friends. Downtime is about hard work and extracurriculars. When the waves turn on, you’ve created the opportunity to drop everything and get on it.”

Jetty has also acquired COO Lee Byrd, a seasoned executive with extensive experience in the apparel and sports industries. Byrd grew up as a skateboarder and developed a love for surfing and snowboarding, and has been quick to deliver value, having worked with larger, more established brands including United By Blue, The Gap, Giorgio Armani, and Manchester United.

“I’ve spent my entire career building large international iconic brands by spending time on both the fashion and financial side,” said Byrd. “The future of branded retail is more specialized. Consumers want brands that align, convey, and adequately represent their interests, and that are more focused on the specific consumer by way of a deeper, more loyal connection. After many roles in the large brand space, I wanted to spend more time around the beach and saw the opportunity in the marketplace for Jetty as a unique and authentic brand.”

And, Jetty’s authenticity speaks for itself. It continues to print its own apparel with eco-friendly water-based practices at its local facility. It has been a certified B Corp since 2017, and its nonprofit arm, The Jetty Rock Foundation, is involved in important coastal water initiatives and supports those in the community in need. It also makes some of its outerwear and apparel with Jetty Oystex, a fabric made of oyster shells and recycled plastic, creating a soft and breathable fabric from more sustainable sources without limiting stretch or durability.

John Clifford sees a future for Jetty that reflects the values that the brand has always upheld. “It’s about hard work, dedication, patience, urgency, appreciation, and overall authenticity. Those are values that define the East Coast but can resonate with anyone, on any coast, who is passionate about a life dedicated to being on the water.”


Founded in 2003, Jetty was created on a shared love of surf, fishing, art, travel, and music and a desire to draw its own line. Now in its 20th year of business and a certified B Corp, Jetty continues to offer eco-minded, durable apparel that embodies the fickle conditions of Northeast surf and encourages outdoor adventure despite the weather. For more info, visit www.JettyLife.com or follow @thejettylife on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.