Kilian Jornet’s Adventure Rediscovering the Pyrenees

October 11, 2023

177 peaks over 3,000 m in 8 days

Kilian Jornet began his journey at the foot of the Frondella peak and finished it at Pica d’Estats, revisiting the peaks that he climbed as a kid, in what he describes as one of the toughest adventures of his life.

In total, he hiked 485.65 kilometers (301.77 miles), accumulated an elevation gain of more than 43,000 meters (131,233.6 feet), and engaged in more than 155 hours of physical activity.


October 11, 2023 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Yesterday, after descending from Pica d’Estats and linking 177 peaks of more than 3,000 meters in just 8 days, Kilian Jornet described this journey as an “incredible experience.” “Rediscovering peaks that I had forgotten was a spectacular experience and, on the other hand, one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” he explained.

Reaching the summit of Vignemale, Monte Perdido, or Aneto (highest summit in the Pyrenees) are significant goals for many mountain enthusiasts. They were also significant for Kilian Jornet years ago. That’s why he had long dreamed of returning to the Pyrenees and reuniting with the peaks and landscapes that saw him grow up.

“This year I wanted to participate in some races, but it wasn’t possible due to an injury. After recovering, I began to consider various projects and thought of linking the peaks higher than 3,000 meters in the Pyrenees. I had this idea in mind but wasn’t sure if it would be a feasible challenge or pure madness. After consulting and seeking advice from people very familiar with the Pyrenees routes, I decided to do it,” explains Kilian Jornet.

Kilian Jornet’s 3,000-meter peaks

His adventure began on Monday, October 2nd, at the base of the Frondella peak (Sallent de Gállego, Huesca) with the aim of enjoying the journey and crossing the Pyrenees through a total of 177 peaks higher than 3,000 meters. During this trip to some of the most iconic peaks of the Pyrenean range, he managed to link more than 40 peaks in a single day, walk for 39 consecutive hours, and perform a section of cycling to connect different sections. Despite the accumulated fatigue, the reward of reaching each peak was worth it: “moving along these ridges has been a pleasure, and I enjoyed the routes very much. I had climbed these peaks when I was 13 but did not remember them, making this a visually intense experience.”

During this adventure, the athlete revisited the ridges of the most emblematic peaks of the Pyrenean range: Balaitus, Garmo Negro, Vignemale, Cilindro, Mont Perdut, Pic Long, Pic de Posets, Punta de Lliterola, Aneto, Sayó, Montcalm, Pica d’Estats, and many other peaks climbed by Kilian Jornet in the last eight days.

The journey came to an end on the morning of October 10, 2023, when the first rays of sun illuminated the peak of the highest mountain in Catalonia, the Pica d’Estats, in the Alt Pirineu Natural Park. After descending, a few hours later, Kilian Jornet concluded this memorable experience, which once again made him realize the beauty and vulnerability of nature.

During these 8 days, mountain enthusiasts could follow the athlete’s journey through Kilian Jornet’s social media and NNormal’s social channels, where followers could also see and hear him during some rest times. They could also track him through Kilian Jornet’s Strava profile.

After reuniting with the Pyrenees and the landscapes of his youth, he accumulated a total of 485.65 kilometers (301.77 miles), accumulated an elevation gain of more than 43,000 meters (131,233.6 feet), and engaged in more than 155 hours of physical activity. During this intense adventure, the athlete and founder of NNormal also had the opportunity to test different prototypes of the brand in very technical and varied terrains: “it has been an excellent testing ground: the wear and tear a product might face over several years, concentrated into one week.

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About Kilian Jornet

He grew up in a mountain shelter in the Pyrenees, so high altitudes have always been his playground, whether he is running, climbing or skiing. As a multidisciplinary athlete, he has broken speed records on mountains all around the world, including a double ascent of Everest.

Today, Kilian lives in Norway, where he continues to test his limits in mountain sports and inspire a large community with films, books and digital content. Kilian has also become an advocate in the fight against climate change and works to raise awareness of the need to protect our environment.

About NNormal

We are a sport and outdoor brand, born between the coasts of Mallorca and the fjords of Norway. Our products reflect the shared philosophy of Camper and Kilian Jornet, the two founders of NNormal: sustainability and performance to inspire people to enjoy and respect nature. This mission takes shape through equipment that is timeless, functional, performance-focused and built to last. All NNormal equipment is designed in Mallorca and tested in Norway, a union that can be seen in brand’s name (Nor-way+ Mal-lorca).