King Oscar Celebrates 120 Years as the King of Seafood

November 4, 2022

The iconic premium seafood brand celebrates heritage and continues to produce the best seafood on the planet over a century since its inception

San Diego, Calif. (November 04, 2022) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ King Oscar, the legendary Norwegian seafood producer, is proud to celebrate its 120th anniversary on Tuesday, November 29th, 2022. King Oscar, currently the top purveyor of specialty seafood in the United States, remains committed to the heritage, craft and quality that earned a Kingly reputation for over 100 years ago.

“King Oscar is steeped in history and heritage,” said King Oscar USA president, John Engle. “It has been over a century since King Oscar gave us his name, and we continue to honor his legacy and the Norwegian tradition that represents the foundation that guides us toward innovative and nutritious products like our Mackerel Royal Fillets and Yellowfin Tuna varieties. We are on a mission to produce the best quality, best tasting seafood possible – and to do it in a sustainable way.”

In 1902, King Oscar II of Norway tried the Brisling sardines from the Norwegian Stavanger Preserving Company, and he was impressed. So much so that he gave the company his greatest gift, his name – by Royal Permission, a status the company still enjoys today.

To this day, King Oscar continues to produce the same Wild Caught Brisling Sardines that so impressed the Norwegian King in 1902. But King Oscar has also introduced an abundance of innovative, industry-changing, Royally delicious products since that day.

Most recently, the brand debuted a line of all-new, ultra-premium Yellowfin Tuna offerings. This best-in-class product features four flavor varieties: Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Green Olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Sundried Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Jalapeño Peppers, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Herbs de Provence.

“King Oscar has been part of Thai Union since 2014. Our King Oscar USA business has shown exceptional growth since their acquisition of the company, and we are proud to be #1 in the Specialty Seafood Segment in this market,” said General Manager for King Oscar worldwide, Bjørn Nordvik.

“We are proud to play a small part in the tradition of the world’s finest specialty seafood brand and the legacy of King Oscar II himself. Our ambition is to position the King Oscar brand for success in the next century and offer consumers the absolute best the oceans can offer,” Engle said.


About King Oscar:  King Oscar is a leading international supplier and marketer of premium canned seafood. The company, founded in 1902, is best known for its premium brisling sardines, but also supplies a range of products, including skinless & boneless sardines, mackerel, herring, anchovies, cod liver and other seafood. The company is based in Bergen, Norway. King Oscar is owned by Thai Union, a global seafood leader with a dedication to sustainability and innovation.