LIVSN Designs and Gnara Apparel Announce Collaborative Kickstarter Campaign for Ecotrek Overalls

June 18, 2024

Bentonville, AR. (June 18, 2024) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – LIVSN Designs, an outdoor apparel brand focused on creating durable, sustainable clothing launches its latest Kickstarter campaign—the Ecotrek Overalls—produced in collaboration with Gnara Apparel, an outdoor apparel brand on a mission to empower everyone to Answer Nature’s Call® through products featuring their innovative, award-winning GoFly® Zipper Technology.

“The Ecotrek Overalls mark an important step in our brand’s evolution on several levels,” said Andrew Gibbs Dabney, CEO and Founder of LIVSN Designs. “Right out of the gate, our Flex Canvas Overalls were one of our fastest moving products, and we launched the lightweight Ecotrek fabric with a highly successful Kickstarter campaign two years ago, so it just made sense to combine the two. However, we knew with the women’s version, we needed to dial in the details to meet our brand’s quality standards and audience expectations. Incorporating features like Gnara’s GoFly® zipper helped us achieve this, and the collaboration just kept rolling from there to take the design to new heights.”

While LIVSN has expanded its women’s line over the past year, this is the first product launched on Kickstarter that will have both men’s and women’s from its inception. While only the women’s version will have the patented GoFly® zipper for now, both versions feature adjustable shoulder straps, ample zipper storage space, functional pockets, and StrongMesh lined interior.

These design flourishes integrate with the stretchy, water-resistant Ecotrek fabric to produce a breathable pair of overalls ideal for warmer months, a versatile wardrobe addition that functions equally well around town or on outdoor adventures.

“I’ve always envisioned a world where one day, women and girls don’t have to think twice before answering nature’s call – at work and at play” said Georgia Grace Edwards, CEO and Founder of Gnara Apparel. “So I’m over the moon that we’ve been able to partner with LIVSN to launch a product that tangibly contributes to that vision in an entirely new market category and application of our GoFly® Zipper Technology. This collaboration truly is the best of both worlds – it’s the magic that happens when a field-tested and sustainable fabric meets a fan-favorite, game-changing technology. Both of our innovative brands believe in producing functional apparel that makes the outdoors more accessible for everyone, and that value alignment between us shines through with an end result that’s easy to get excited about.”

Made from recycled ocean buoys, the Ecotrek fabric gives wearers a lightweight, flexible overall option that’s ideal for dynamic movement and water-adjacent activities with an eco-friendly PFC-free, C0, dry DWR coating.

“I first met Georgia Grace years ago, both our brands were founded in the late 2010s with pants as a flagship product that shared retailers, so our growth has been parallel in a lot of ways,” said Dabney. “When GG mentioned overalls have been a top requested product by their audience, the fit between our brands just clicked, and we’ve learned so much from one another while having fun with the creative collaborative process.”

“This is the first overall on the market to feature the GoFly® functionality and I can’t think of two better teams to bring it to life,” said Edwards.

The Ecotrek x GoFly® Overalls campaign launches today on Kickstarter, the fifth for LIVSN and the first for Gnara Apparel, who previously crowdfunded their first run of Go There Pants as SheFly Apparel on iFundWomen.

About LIVSN Designs

LIVSN is an outdoor brand focused on making versatile apparel designed to last longer. LIVSN combines technical features and durable construction with modern styling to create lasting clothing that facilitates a life of adventure. Replace throwaway items with well-designed pieces to remove clutter and create space for living. Keep what matters. https://www.livsndesigns.com.

About Gnara Apparel

Gnara designs innovative and inclusive apparel for people to feel safe, comfortable and confident to explore as they are. Gnara creates products at the intersection of fashion, function, and accessibility with patented GoFly® zipper technology, which has been recognized by Forbes, Women’s Health, USA Today, CNN, Outside, Gear Junkie, U.S. News & World Report, and Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards. Gnara’s GoFly® has revolutionized women’s apparel, empowering them to Answer Nature’s Call® without removing important safety gear or exposing skin to the elements (or others!). From hiking to serving on the front lines, Gnara helps people “go” on the go — whether at work or at play. https://gnara.com/


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