LIVSN Designs’ Century Jacket Kickstarter Wraps with Over $450k Raised

June 5, 2023

Outdoor Brand Now Holds Top Two Arkansas State Crowdfunding Records

BENTONVILLE, Ark. – June 5, 2023/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – LIVSN Designs (https://livsndesigns.com), an outdoor apparel brand focused on creating durable outdoor clothing for those who value experiences more than stuff, today announced that the brand’s latest design, the Century Jacket, raised $456,355 on Kickstarter. The 30-day crowdfunding period ended on May 25, 2023.

The campaign was funded in minutes and surpassed the $240k mark in just 24 hours after the launch, and the Century Jacket campaign is now the second most successful crowdfunding in the State of Arkansas. LIVSN’s 2021 Kickstarter campaign for the Ecotrek Trail pants holds the top Arkansas record, with $514,624 raised.

“We are honored and humbled by the outpouring of support for the Century Jacket,” said Andrew Gibbs-Dabney, LIVSN Designs founder and CEO. “We owe so much to the Kickstarter community and the fans who support us, time and again, and crowdfunding helps us confirm market demand while also giving us the resources to make new products like the Century Jacket a reality.”

For any who missed the campaign, the Century Jacket will soon be available for pre-order at livsndesigns.com, and the jackets are scheduled to arrive starting in December 2023.

The Century Jacket stands out based on the combination of cut, comfort, performance and materials. Each textile was specifically selected for the piece, including the exterior shell made from fully organic Ventile®, a unique cotton weave first introduced during WWII to keep pilots warm and dry. To produce Ventile, organic, sustainably-grown cotton is used to make extra-long staple cotton yarn, grown in limited quantities across the globe, and the fabric offers a luxurious handfeel while being incredibly durable. Inside, the Century Jacket features lightweight HD® Wool insulation, a natural and renewable product that offers breathability, odor-resistance, and moisture management. The insulation in the Century is designed to make it an optimal piece for three season wear, neither too bulky nor too light. Finally, the liner is 100% pure silk, which provides unmatched comfort while also being antimicrobial and moisture wicking.

The Century Jacket will be available in Olive Green and Black Navy and in sizes S-XXL.

About LIVSN Designs:

LIVSN is an outdoor brand focused on making versatile apparel designed to last longer. LIVSN combines technical features and durable construction with modern styling to create lasting clothing that facilitates a life of adventure. Replace throwaway items with well-designed pieces to remove clutter and create space for living. Keep what matters. https://www.livsndesigns.com.

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