LIVSN Designs’ Well Worn Life Accepted to Banff Mountain Film Festival

October 5, 2023

Northwest Arkansas Outdoor Apparel Company LIVSN and Production Company BLK ELK Highlight What it Means to Live Deeply

BENTONVILLE, Ark. – October 5, 2023 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – LIVSN Designs (https://livsndesigns.com), an outdoor apparel brand focused on creating durable, premium outdoor clothing for those who value experiences more than stuff, today announces its film with BLK ELK Media “Well Worn Life” was accepted to Banff Mountain Film Festival. Well Worn Life reveals the recipes of outdoor-minded individuals who live life to its fullest extent, as livsnjutare, the Swedish term that created the brand’s name suggests.

Banff Film Festival is a world-renowned event with hundreds of talented filmmakers submitting their work yearly and only 70-80 films chosen for screening. The international film festival is known for showcasing outdoor culture, sports, and adventure. This year the event takes place October 28 through November 5.

LIVSN Designs is a small but mighty brand pioneering a new type of outdoor apparel: meshing technical features with sustainable materials and focusing on intentional minimalism. BLK ELK is a team of creatives that specialize in outdoor and adventure storytelling, highlighting like-minded individuals and brands. Both based in Northwest Arkansas, LIVSN and BLK ELK teamed up to document an individual that embodies Well Worn Life, a concept first introduced alongside LIVSN’s Well Worn Program, the brand’s secondhand initiative designed to keep its products in circulation for longer.

In the film, Dani Reyes-Acosta, a mountain athlete, land cultivator, and storyteller, consistently seeks the limits of her possibility. Ticking off climbs and splitboard lines across South America, cultivating her role as a legacy Coloradoan, and setting the course for the future of outdoor access in remote communities, Reyes-Acosta is a visceral example of how self-care and self-determination can harmonize via the outdoors.

Well Worn Life premiered on May 27th at Mountainfilm in Telluride, Colorado, and has been accepted to more than eight acclaimed film festivals.

“Finding out we were accepted to the iconic Banff Film Fesitval was surreal,” said LIVSN Marketing Director Kelsey Ferguson. “Well Worn Life is everything LIVSN is about, pushing boundaries and living without expectations. BLK ELK captured Dani’s story beautifully, and we are excited for future projects with them.”

About BLK ELK:

BLK ELK is a production company that started in 2013 when its founders Daniel Mitchell and Trent Sugg joined forces. Over the last decade they have built a team of creatives passionate about telling stories and creating content for brands through the form of digital film and photography. Their goal is to explore the intersection of storytelling and marketing by producing branded documentaries and commercial ads for outdoor and adventure brands. Follow their journey at http://www.blkelkmedia.com

About LIVSN Designs:

LIVSN is an outdoor brand focused on making versatile apparel designed to last longer. LIVSN combines technical features and durable construction with modern styling to create lasting clothing that facilitates a life of adventure. Replace throwaway items with well-designed pieces to remove clutter and create space for living. Keep what matters. https://www.livsndesigns.com.

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Kelsey Ferguson

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