MANTRA Labs Announces Formation of Medical Advisory Board in Partnership with Sleep Performance Institute

September 30, 2021

Board to Ensure MANTRA Products Complement and Support Natural Sleep Cycles

AUSTIN, Tex. – SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 – MANTRA Labs™ (https://gomantralabs.com), a nutrition company that exists to ignite greatness through daily, simple, science-backed nutritional habits, today announces the formation of their medical advisory board in partnership with the Sleep Performance Institute (SPI) with the appointment of the co-founders, Michael Howell, MD and Dr. Jonathan Parker, DDS.

The Sleep Performance Institute provides training and tools necessary to improve sleep, with a goal to help individuals and organizations seeking better performance –  at work, at play or on the field. MANTRA Labs and SPI share an understanding of the importance of sleep as a core pillar of wellness. The mission of the MANTRA Labs Medical Advisory Board is to ensure that all MANTRA products are made to complement and restore one’s natural circadian rhythms as well as enhancing overall mental and physical health.

Michael Howell, MD Co-Founder Sleep Performance Institute

Sleep Performance Institute™ Co-founder, Dr. Michael Howell, is an expert on the role of sleep and circadian rhythms in human performance and an internationally recognized researcher and educator. Dr. Howell currently is an Associate Professor and Vice-Chair for Education in the Department of Neurology at the University of Minnesota, and Medical Director of the Fairview Sleep Center in Edina, Minnesota.

Jonathan Parker, DDS Co-Founder Sleep Performance Institute

Dr. Jonathan Parker has been treating patients with snoring and sleep apnea for almost 30 years, is a world-renowned educator on dental sleep medicine and a co-founder of the Sleep Performance Institute™. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and is well known for developing innovative techniques and protocols to improve care for people with sleep problems.

“If there’s one thing everyone can do to improve their quality of life, it’s get better, more restful sleep,” said Paul Janowitz, MANTRA Labs co-founder and CEO. “We’re honored to have Drs. Howell and Parker join our Media Advisory Board. As experts in the field with over 40 years experience, they understand the science behind sleep and how to optimizes the body’s circadian rhythm to improve wellness and performance across all aspects for life.”

“We have struggled to find a combination of supplements that will help our patients and corporate clients improve their sleep…until now! MANTRA Labs has created a system that is backed by clinical evidence and is an ideal formula for balancing your biorhythm,” said Dr. Parker. “MANTRA helps people sleep better and feel better daily…including me. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

MANTRA Labs’ Chrono-Nutrition System is built on the foundation of the science around circadian rhythms that won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. Working with and restoring this rhythm is why MANTRA Labs developed the Chrono-Nutrition System, consisting of three biorhythm-matched performance nutrition supplements: RISE, GO and REST.

Explore MANTRA Labs: https://gomantralabs.com/

Explore the Sleep Performance Institute: https://www.sleepperformanceinstitute.com/#welcome-to-spi

About Sleep Performance Institute:

Founded by leading sleep experts Dr. Jonathan Parker and Dr. Michael Howell the Sleep Performance Institute exists to help individuals and organizations attain peak performance through better sleep.

With a combined 40 years of experience in training health professionals and in treating patients with sleep problems, SPI has created unique, tailored programs that successfully improve sleep and overall health. We believe that performance in sleep is performance for life. SPI has developed the training, tools, systems and partners that improve performance at work, at play, on the field and on stage – through better sleep, all without the use of drugs or medical devices.

About MANTRA Labs – Made for Great:

Based in Austin, Texas, MANTRA Labs™ is a family business founded by Paul Janowitz and Jared Padalecki focused on helping people realize their greatness through simple, everyday, science-backed nutritional habits. The company is built on three core principles of total health – movement, rest, and community, achieved by delivering clean, science-driven nutrition to support mind and body health, all day, every day. MANTRA’s social mission is to elevate the conversation on mental health and increase funding and awareness for mental health organizations. Every purchase supports mental health organizations doing life-saving work. Learn more at https://gomantralabs.com

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