“MeatEater” Season 11 Available Now on Outdoor Channel Mondays at 8 p.m. ET

October 11, 2023

MeatEater is Part of Outdoor Channel’s “Taste of the Wild” Block Monday Nights

DENVER (October 11, 2023) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – MeatEater, featuring the charismatic Steven Rinella, has consistently captivated viewers of Outdoor Sportsman Group, and now season 11 of this perennial favorite is now available nationally on Outdoor Channel for the first time every Monday at 8 p.m. ET.

As Rinella continually shares, the show transcends beyond the mere search of an animal; it’s a testament to his own personal grit, determination and essence that fuels such pursuit. Season 11 sees Rinella and crew chase moose in Alaska, spearfish in Hawaii, hunt ducks in Louisiana and find themselves in many more nature-fueled adventures along the way.

“One of my favorite episodes from season 11 was a moose hunt in eastern Alaska. We were there for ten days and were getting our buns kicked. And then, finally, in the last hour of the last day of the season here comes a bull from about a mile off. Trying to call him up the mountain while simultaneously closing the distance by heading in his direction was one of the more exciting moments we ever filmed,” shared Steven Rinella.

Growing up in the Midwest’s great outdoors – hunting, fishing, and trapping from a young age – Rinella has always viewed the world through the eyes of an ancestral hunter/gatherer. Inspired by early man’s skill, ingenuity, and sheer determination to survive and thrive under challenging circumstances, Rinella has made his life’s work to cultivate those same qualities – and encourage others to do the same – while always being mindful of conservation principles and practices.

In MeatEater, Rinella explores various hunting techniques, tracks and pursue prey, and procures and cooks his own food. Whether tracking blacktail deer in the remote Alaskan wilderness, or rooting out javelina in Texas, Rinella leverages his back-country skills, challenging himself at every corner while providing nail-biting adventure along the way.

Steven Rinella is an avid outdoorsman, writer, and television personality best known for his ability to translate the hunting lifestyle to a wide variety of audiences. He is the host of the long-running television show MeatEater and top-ranked MeatEater podcast. He is the New York Times bestselling author of ten books dealing with wildlife, hunting, fishing, and wild game cooking, most recently Outdoor Kids in an Inside World: Getting Your Family Out of the House and Radically Engaged with Nature and the audio original, MeatEater’s Campfire Stories: Narrow Escapes and More Close Calls. He is the recipient of the Conservation Achievement Award from The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership.

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