Minus33 partners with Granite Outdoor Alliance, doubling down on New Hampshire’s recreation economy

September 7, 2021

Merino wool specialist affirms commitment to the Granite State outdoor scene

ASHLAND, NH – New Hampshire’s merino wool specialist, Minus33, is proud to announce its partnership with Granite Outdoor Alliance, New Hampshire’s outdoor recreation trade association.

Granite Outdoor Alliance (GOA) is a membership-based nonprofit working to forge a sustainable outdoor recreation economy in New Hampshire. With a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, the group aims to educate decision makers to ensure that economic policies preserve and enhance the Granite State’s unique natural resources.

“New Hampshire is the outdoor recreation capital of the northeast, and here at Minus33, we aim to keep it that way,” said Minus33 Content Marketing Specialist Meaghan Ruby. “We love our hiking and skiing and hunting and fishing, and keeping safe and warm while enjoying the outdoors is the foundation of our business. Our membership in Granite Outdoor Alliance gives us the opportunity to create new partnerships within our state’s outdoor industry. By teaming up, we can take a more active role in growing our recreation economy while ensuring that we do it in a sustainable way.”

Along with other states across the U.S., New Hampshire is taking the outdoor recreation economy seriously and has established a state-level Office of Outdoor Recreation Industry Development in 2019. GOA is a private-sector coalition working to ensure that decision makers hear the voice of the state’s outdoor businesses.

Among other initiatives, GOA is currently conducting a NH Workforce Assessment Survey, aimed at aligning education and training programs with employers’ needs. For more information, visit

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About Minus33

Minus33 offers the finest quality merino wool basics at a price that everyone can afford. Carrying forward over 100 years of expertise, Minus33 was created by the wool experts of the L.W. Packard Co., in 2002, as a response to the changing global trade and manufacturing landscape. In 2020, the brand set out to bring wool production back to Ashland, New Hampshire, with its Mountain Heritage line of socks, extending a local tradition dating back to 1840, when the Briggs brothers of Leeds, England, built a woolen mill on the Squam River, manufacturing wool products, hosiery, gloves, sporting equipment and paper. In 1916, Luther W. Packard of Berwick, Maine, purchased the mill and named it L.W. Packard. For more history on the L.W. Packard Mill and Minus33, read Our Story.