Minus33 partners with Mount Washington Observatory to launch official hiking socks

October 17, 2023

A portion of the proceeds will advance critical weather and climate research

ASHLAND, NH /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/Minus33 is proud to announce its partnership with the Mount Washington Observatory (MWOBS), leading to the creation of the inaugural MWOBS Mountain Heritage All-Season Hiking Sock, the official sock of the Mount Washington Observatory.

For every MWOBS sock sold on Minus33.com, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to support the invaluable work conducted by the Mount Washington Observatory. This includes advancing crucial weather and climate research, fostering innovative science education programs and preserving the rich heritage of the Mount Washington region.

“A partnership with Mount Washington Observatory gives us some tremendous testing opportunities,” said Minus33 President Lawson Glidden. “Its unique location offers an environment comparable to Antarctica and the polar regions, making it a perfect testing ground for our expedition-weight merino. Known as the Home of the World’s Worst Weather, no other place in the contiguous United States provides such accessible and consistently extreme conditions for testing.”

The MWOBS Mountain Heritage All-Season Hiking Sock will be available for purchase at the summit shop of MWOBS and online at Minus33.com. This limited-edition hiking sock is made in New Hampshire from sustainable, fine Australian merino, offering unmatched comfort and performance.

The collaboration marks an exciting chapter in the world of outdoor apparel, where true sustainability, comfort, durability and philanthropy converge. Minus33 and Mount Washington Observatory invite you to embark on this journey with them, supporting vital research and exploring the heights of adventure in style.

For media info, contact Chris Hrenko (chris@palemorning.com) at Pale Morning Media. For sales inquiries, contact info@minus33.com.

About Minus33

Minus33 offers the finest quality Merino wool base layers and apparel at a price that everyone can afford. Carrying forward over 107 years of wool garment manufacturing expertise, Minus33 was created by the wool experts of the former L.W. Packard Co., in 2002, as a response to the changing global trade and manufacturing landscape. In 2020, the brand set out to bring wool production back to Ashland, New Hampshire, with its Mountain Heritage line of socks, extending a local tradition dating back to 1840, when the Briggs brothers of Leeds, England, built a woolen mill on the Squam River, manufacturing wool products, hosiery, gloves, sporting equipment and paper. In 1916, Luther W. Packard of Berwick, Maine, purchased the mill and named it L.W. Packard. For more history on the L.W. Packard Mill and Minus33, read Our Story.

About Mount Washington Observatory

The Mount Washington Observatory is dedicated to advancing weather and climate research, fostering science education and preserving the heritage of the Mount Washington region. Situated atop Mount Washington, the observatory weathers some of the world’s most extreme conditions, providing valuable insights into weather patterns and climate trends.