Mountain Hardwear Secures Two Prestigious ISPO Awards

February 15, 2024

For Specter™ 15f Sleeping Bag And Alpine Light™ Rt 45l Pack

Richmond, Calif. [February 15, 2024] /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Mountain Hardwear, a leader in performance equipment and apparel for climbers, mountaineers and outdoor athletes, is thrilled to announce its recent wins at the ISPO Awards 2023. The Specter™ 15F Sleeping Bag and the Alpine Light™ Roll Top 45L Pack, have been recognized for their outstanding innovation and design, earning Mountain Hardwear two prestigious ISPO Awards.

​​“The ISPO Award symbolizes innovation, creativity and progress in the sports and outdoor industry. To win this award, it is not enough to simply be good. Winners must also convince even the most demanding end consumer with their innovative, well thought-out functions, solutions and mechanisms”, said Christina Rabl, project manager of ISPO.

The Specter 15F Sleeping Bag has earned this prestigious award for its unparalleled combination of features that redefine the standards of lightweight, high-performance sleeping equipment. Its ultralight design sets it apart, offering optimal packability and weight savings without compromising warmth and comfort. The innovative Pertex® Quantum Pro Diamond fuse shell not only showcases Mountain Hardwear’s commitment to working with cutting-edge materials, but also marks a pioneering moment as the first brand to integrate this advanced fabric into a sleeping bag. The inclusion of dual side zippers enhances versatility, allowing easy access and ventilation in any situation. The Specter 15F also demonstrates outstanding compressibility, making it an indispensable companion for adventurers seeking a perfect blend of comfort, innovation and efficiency. The Specter 15F Sleeping Bag is available now.

“At Mountain Hardwear, our Specter series epitomizes the fusion of athlete-driven innovation and design excellence. Crafted in response to the demands of elite climbers, this high-quality down sleeping bag is built for the challenges of technical big wall and alpine missions,“ said Mountain Hardwear Equipment & Accessories Design Director Ben Guthrie. “The Specter’s construction tackles the need for versatile rope access, overcoming challenges in baffle constructions. Engineered for a perfect fit, accommodating extra gear, and crafted with Pertex for durability and water-resistance, the Specter series is more than a sleeping bag – it’s the embodiment of our relentless commitment to excellence in alpine exploration gear.”

The Alpine Light™ RT 45L Pack adds yet another ISPO Award to the Mountain Hardwear 2024 product line and is a testament to its exceptional attributes that redefine the standards of alpine backpacking. Recognized for its outstanding abrasion-resistant and puncture-strength materials and trims, this pack is a durable companion in rugged terrains. The Alpine Light™ RT 45L Pack’s lightweight construction ensures optimal mobility without compromising on performance. With meticulous attention to detail, it incorporates performance finishings that elevate its functionality to unparalleled levels.

Waterproof and weather-ready, this pack stands out as a reliable choice for adventurers who demand resilience, lightweight design and high-performance features in their alpine pursuits. This recognition underscores Mountain Hardwear’s commitment to providing outdoor enthusiasts with top-tier equipment that pushes the boundaries of technology and comfort. The Alpine Light™ RT 45L, and smaller Alpine Light™ RT 30L option, will be available in April 2024.

“The Alpine Light RT backpacks are at the equilibrium of comfort, mobility, protection and weight. For the last 11 months I have used these highly nimble packs in Alaska, Nepal and India from steep ice to high altitude,” said Benny Leiber, Mountain Hardwear Athlete & Ambassador. Being waterproof and ultralight, they meet the demands of the big mountains and set a new standard for what we expect from an alpine pack. And as a welcomed bonus – they look extremely cool.”

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About Mountain Hardwear

About Mountain Hardwear: Mountain Hardwear, Inc., was founded in 1993 and is based in Richmond, CA. We exist to encourage and equip people to seek a wilder path in life. For 30 years, we’ve built essential equipment for climbers, mountaineers, and outdoor athletes and have supported expeditions on the world’s highest peaks. Relentless precision continues to inspire everything we do — our designers sweat every stitch and detail to continuously improve function, durability, and comfort.

Mountain Hardwear is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Columbia Sportswear Company that distributes its products through specialty outdoor retailers in the United States and 34 countries worldwide. www.mountainhardwear.com

About ISPO

The ISPO Award has established itself as one of the most prestigious prizes and as a seal of quality in the global sports industry. All submitted products and services are thoroughly scrutinised for quality, functionality, sustainability and technical innovation. Only applicants that amass a specific number of points in a total of nine different criteria are honoured with an ISPO Award. In addition to business professionals, the jury always includes regularly changing, sports-orientated end users who belong to the ISPO Collaborators Club. This assures that the perspective of the actual users of the service or product is included in the assessment.