New Action/Outdoor Brand ARTILECT Melds Art and Intelligence for Next Generation Performance Apparel

December 2, 2020

ARTILECT’s A/SYS® Technical Apparel System to Rethink Performance from the Skin Out; Established Team Brings Decades of Experience and Begins Partnerships with Select Global Retailers

BOULDER, Colo. – December 2, 2020 – ARTILECT®, a new brand founded by an established team of professionals with decades of experience building outdoor brands, today announces its entry into the global marketplace and a sales network focused on partnering with select retailers for the 2021/22 season.

ARTILECT was founded by Trent Bush and Corry Taylor. Bush is an experienced innovator and brand builder who started his first brand, Twist Clothing Company, in the early 1990’s and has worked with many of the best-known outdoor and lifestyle apparel brands since. Taylor is Founder, CEO and Managing Director of Bradshaw Taylor, an outdoor, active and lifestyle brand house specializing in building leading brands in the European market. Bush and Taylor are co-CEOs and owners of ARTILECT.

ARTILECT is founded as a creative outdoor apparel studio focused on elevating human performance in any environment, and creating apparel systems that anticipate consumer needs from the inside out. The brand will meld technology, style and function, with sustainability as a core principle from day one.

“I was born into the Boulder outdoor industry, and have spent every day working towards the ARTILECT brand’s founding principle of creating a performance brand that is equal parts art and intelligence. Ultimately, it’s about building a radically different brand that will both utilize the latest new technologies to bring the best products to outdoor enthusiasts who connect at a deeper level,” said Bush. “ARTILECT is an open door to empower people from diverse backgrounds, people who are connected by the outdoor experience and how it drives them. Today’s announcement is about planting the ARTILECT flag firmly in the ground. We are developing innovative technologies to help reshape the outdoor industry from product innovation to sustainability and to making the outdoors more accessible to everyone.”

“I’ve been in the industry for decades, and there’s more excitement now than ever around the outdoors and the evolving outdoor experience, and ARTILECT is designed specifically to cater to those needs with design-driven style, highly technical function, and a focus on building a brand that brings people together,” said Taylor. We’ve built an incredible team across the globe, and we’re all united by pushing each other to go beyond what exists today.”

In its first season, ARTILECT will launch with lines for all genders, with design leadership from Bush and industry veteran Erica Cahn, who brings her vision of the future of the outdoors to the brand.

The core of the ARTILECT line is A/SYS®, a comprehensive technical apparel system. Each individual style will offer next-level performance as a standalone, but greatly optimized when worn in the ARTILECT system. Every item in the A/SYS® apparel system is designed with an understanding of the critical importance of moisture management, thermoregulation, breathability, and performance, and will reflect a style that’s uniquely ARTILECT. The ARTILECT brand is designed for those people who are looking to the future of the action/outdoor market, and who desire the absolutely best performance and style.

“I grew up in the era of classic outdoor brands and the heritage styles that reflected the technical knowledge and looks of those times,” added Bush. “ARTILECT is about what’s next, from our design philosophy to the innovation that will be reflected in each and every piece we offer. We deeply respect everyone who blazed the trail, but we’re out to chart a new course.”

A preview of ARTILECT’s first product offering will be available to retailers and the media in December, 2020, with the first line available in retail as of Fall 2021.


Equal parts art and intelligence, ARTILECT is an apparel studio shaped by a deep respect for the past, with a laser-focus on the future. We are a team of innovators and rule breakers driven by a relentless pursuit of progress, utilizing innovative technologies in materials, construction, and fit. We exist to empower today’s intrepid explorers at the highest levels of performance, balanced by maximum sustainability for future generations. Born in Boulder CO, alive in the world. Learn more at https://artilect.studio and join us on Instagram at @artilect.studio.

Sales Contact:
Marty Carrigan
Global Sales Guys

Media Contact:
Matt Bennett
ECHOS Communications