New Holland Brewing Back to Full Production After Facility Fire

April 5, 2021

Holland, MI (April 5, 2021) — New Holland Brewing, recently included among the top-50 craft breweries in America, is back online and brewing again after a February 21st fire that occurred in their production facility.

The late-night flame, which authorities suspect was electric in nature, impacted one wall and a roof in the brewhouse, and repairs were completed this week.

“The damage was contained to one area of the brewhouse, but it did set us back considerably” said Jason Salas, the Brewmaster of New Holland Brewing. “It has taken more than a month to repair the damage, clean the facility and get our equipment back up to the standard we require for producing the beer of the highest possible quality.”

The five-week repair did impact production, noted Salas. “Our beer production came to a halt for more than three weeks, but thankfully we were able to package all of the beer that was in tanks.”

Jason also noted that there will be shortages and out of stocks for a few weeks on beers such as Tangerine Space Machine, Hazy River and their newly released Variety Pack due to the interrupted production over the past weeks. “We’re setting aside a few cases for the Holland Township Fire Department, to which we owe a great deal of thanks, but everyone else may want to stock up because there are going to be some shortages on store shelves for another few weeks.”

New Holland Founder and CEO, Brett Vanderkamp added, “Our team is doing everything in our power to brew and restock these brands in a timely manner, but the shortages are going to be a reality.  We hope that our customers can be patient with us over the next few weeks and use this as an opportunity to sample another New Holland brew that they haven’t tried before. We truly appreciate every one of our customers and are working diligently to provide the beer they know and love.”

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