Nikwax Upgrades North American Headquarters

February 8, 2021

New Building Prioritizes Sustainability and Investment in North American Market

[Feb. 8, 2021, Seattle, WA]—Nikwax North America deepens its commitment to the North American market with a brand-new office in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. The larger space and improved systems provide room for growth, while the design and pedigree of the building mirror the Nikwax commitment to prioritizing sustainability.

The ability to support growth as well as providing an optimal working environment were key considerations as the company worked through relocating during the pandemic. While most employees continue to primarily work from home, the new space provides a multitude of measures to ensure a safe and effective work environment. A high efficiency HVAC system, including a separate fresh air system and building windows that open, help increase and assure maximum airflow. Additionally, an improved IT system and fiber optic internet will help boost productively while working both from home and the office.

The new headquarters also continues the brand’s commitment to sustainability by using 100% renewable energy, including rooftop solar panels, LED lighting, sustainably harvested wood construction, and rooftop succulent garden to absorb up to 30% of the building’s rainwater runoff. System improvements also allow for less paper waste to be generated, with an aim to reach 90% paper-free processes.

The new office is centrally located allowing employees to easily commute via foot, bike, or public transit. Nikwax will offer a daily employee subsidy to encourage these alternative commuting methods. Employees will also enjoy new amenities like a rooftop deck with wifi for outdoor work sessions and meetings; a company-provided e-bike for local errands; and restaurants, breweries, groceries, gyms and several parks within walking distance.

“In addition to aligning with our brand values, the new space will provide a reset button for our employees when we’re able to come back to the office full-time,” said Brian Davidson, Nikwax NA’s President. “We hope the improved office experience will offer new inspiration for supporting our customers and company growth plans with its natural lighting, outdoor space, plethora of plants, and updated systems.”

The larger space provides room for expansion as Nikwax deepens its commitment to the North American market, continuing to be a trusted partner to its retailers and the outdoor enthusiasts who want to ensure their adventure gear and apparel last for many years.

“Our retail partners have gone through a lot this year and we look forward to continuing to support them by providing a product line and brand with broad consumer appeal, and delivering high margin products that help their customers stay outdoors longer,” said Davidson.

About Nikwax
Nikwax was founded in 1977 by Nick Brown, an avid hiker and traveler, who designed his own waterproofing wax to keep his leather hiking boots dry. Today, Nikwax is the trusted global leader in environmentally safe aftercare solutions. Nikwax products extend the performance life of technical clothing, footwear and equipment. Nikwax’s 40+ year commitment to clean chemistry means not using PFCs or aerosols, and not testing on animals. The carbon balanced company’s product line is water-based and biodegradable. All product bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic that can also be recycled. Nikwax North America is a subsidiary of Nikwax Ltd, a UK company. For media inquiries and more information, please contact Kate Ketschek at Revolution House Media, kate@revolutionhousemedia.com.