NNormal launches the No Trace Program, an initiative that makes it easier to recycle sport gear

February 13, 2023

13th February 2023 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Remaining true to its brand philosophy, NNormal presents a campaign inviting consumers to recycle sport shoes, clothing and accessories they no longer use, or whose life cycle has been completed, simply and free of charge.

A large proportion of used shoes end up in the seas and oceans. This is the main theme of the film No Lost Shoes by activist and NNormal ambassador Max Romey, which highlights the scale of the problem.

It is estimated that 20 billion pairs of shoes are sold worldwide each year. Ninety percent of shoes purchased are never recycled and some can take more than a millennium to decompose. Most end up in landfill or even on beaches in wild and remote places. NNormal activist and ambassador Max Romey discovered this on his Alaskan adventure that resulted in No Lost Shoes, a film that highlights the true scale of the problem.

Through this film, NNormal invites consumers to reflect and recycle all sport gear they no longer use or whose life cycle has been completed through the No Trace Program, a simple alternative to throwing away sport shoes, clothes and accessories. The aim is clear: to contribute to the conservation of the planet.

Consumers can recycle sport gear simply and free of charge. It is accessible to everyone and involves just three steps: collect all the gear, regardless of the brand and condition, attach the prepaid shipping label, and go to a drop-off location. The list of drop-off locations and selected shops can be viewed in advance on the nnormal.com website. The No Trace Program is available in Europe and the United States, except for the Canary Islands and Ceuta/Melilla.

Through this campaign, NNormal aims to recover as many used shoes, clothes and sports accessories as possible, to give them a second life or recycle them. This action is made possible through collaboration with *ReCircle, an organisation that works to promote circularity.

About NNormal

We are a sport and outdoor brand, born between the coasts of Mallorca and the fjords of Norway. Our products reflect the shared philosophy of Camper and Kilian Jornet, the two founders of NNormal: sustainability and performance to inspire people to enjoy and respect nature. This mission takes shape through equipment that is timeless, functional, performance-focused and built to last. All NNormal gear is designed in Mallorca and tested in Norway, a union that can be seen in the brand’s name (Nor-way+ Mal-lorca).

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