NYC-based Tour Operator, Outerthere, Announces First Annual WKND Campout in New Paltz, NY

May 19, 2021

The Tour Operator Will Immerse Campers in Curated Outdoor Adventures on June 5th and 6th

NEW YORK, NY, May 19, 2021 – Outerthere, a NYC-based tour company that caters to locals of the New York metro-area by providing outdoor activities, has announced the dates of its first annual WKND Campout, to take place at the Unison Arts Center Sculpture Garden the first weekend in June.

The weekend will include climbing, biking, barefoot hiking, sunset kayaking, meditation, and reiki healing. The festival-style event will feature food from Latinx vendors, live entertainment, transportation from NYC, and prizes. The activities will be run by local professionals and other BIPOC practitioners, and will serve as a sampling for all of the activities offered by Outerthere on a weekly basis.

The tour operator highlights that out of its typical participants, 90% are women, 85% are people of color, and 40% are repeat customers. This model of making the outdoors safe and accessible to people who live in cities has proven successful over the last eight years that founder Al Berrios has owned Outerthere.

Berrios said, “Outerthere is about bringing people together in nature from all walks of life. I grew up in New York City, and had to really search to find my way into these outdoor activity communities. Our outdoors were limited to recreational parks and conserved parks within the city. We often see barriers; economical, geographical, and a lack of information, that hinder people from all walks of life, especially of color from enjoying these exciting activities. We want to level the playing field and make these activities, like hiking and camping, or skiing in the winter, affordable and accessible to all.”

The WKND Campout, which will take place at the Unison Arts Center, is helping local businesses and practitioners get recognition as well. “This is not only exposing a number of attendees to new activities, but it’s also helping practitioners get new customers. Maybe it’s an attendee’s first time doing yoga or rock climbing. They now have a connection into that world and can continue to work on their practice with that professional,” Berrios continued.

Rob Leitner, of Unison Arts Center, said “After over a year of people staying home, we’re excited to welcome new and returning visitors to our Arts Center in a limited, Covid-safe, capacity. We look forward to the partnership with Outerthere, and future collaborations where we can welcome even more visitors!”

The WKND Campout will take place June 5th and 6th. Passes can be purchased at, and potential partners are encouraged to reach out to Al Berrios via the form on the website.

About Outerthere

Outerthere is a NYC-based tour company that caters to locals of the New York metro-area by providing access to various outdoor activities. Founded in 2013 by Al Berrios, Outerthere has been working with tour operators, rental partners and other guides collaboratively to host hundreds of amazing local, small-group hikes, bike rides, paddling trips, and more for beginners. Outerthere is on a mission to create an inclusive environment outdoors for people from all walks of life.

About Unison Arts Center

For over 44 years Unison has played a key role in contributing to the vitality of New Paltz and surrounding towns in the Hudson Valley. It fosters creativity and community on an intimate scale. Founded by artists and creative people, it strives to challenge and enrich all of our lives.  We envision Unison as a place where our community comes to experience the performing and fine arts in an intimate and inviting atmosphere.