Oboz prevails on the Trails, warrants ‘Made The Grade’ Status

July 13, 2023

Bozeman-based footwear company continues their legacy with Sawtooth X Mid

TUCSON, ARIZONA USA/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Capable on day hikes and extended treks, the OBOZ SAWTOOTH X MID HIKING BOOT continues the brand’s high-performance standards. That’s the reason INVESTMENT GRADE GEAR has awarded it ‘Made the Grade’ status for fit, stability, comfort, and durability.

‘Now’s the time to get the right mix of performance factors on your feet,’ according to INVESTMENT’s founder and lead evaluator Peter Reese. ‘The Sawtooth X Mid slips on easily and gains traction in conditions that cause competitive options to struggle.’

From an outsole ready for sketchy trail conditions to a stabilizing midsole, this hiker, available in waterproof and non-waterproof models, is a complete package; particularly with the Oboz O-Fit insole providing aftermarket excellence as a standard feature. Testing confirmed the model’s worthiness even when the journey proved more off-trail than most hikers will likely experience.

‘Our Sawtooth boots have been trusted by an untold number of hikers for countless miles,’ said Regan Betts, Oboz Marketing Manager. ‘The Sawtooth X continues the legacy and being awarded ‘Made the Grade’ status further solidifies it as a stalwart in our lineup and among all hiking boots on the market.’

INVESTMENT GRADE GEAR, rooted in 50 years of adventure experience and outdoor journalism, selects individual pieces of gear for video reviews: Nothing chosen is part of a traditional gear round-up, but merits special consideration for performance, lasting value, and embracing a ‘less and better beats more’ approach to a more sustainable future.

Many of the products selected for ‘Made the Grade’ have been in evaluation for three years or more, with some receiving updates since first taken outside or on the road for extended travel. In addition, none have been sponsored by the brands, nor does INVESTMENT receive compensation for their use in the ‘Made the Grade’ initiative.

The video review, including a unique one-word summary of the OBOZ SAWTOOTH X MID, is available HERE.


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