onWater Fish Unlocks Fishing Access for All™ As Rebrand Signals Companies’ Evolution to champion self-reliant anglers and conservation.

February 26, 2024

Unlocking free public land data to all anglers, regardless of experience or target species.

Boulder, CO – February 26, 2024 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Breaking down barriers to entry and fostering self-reliance on the water, onWater Fish, the all-in-one fishing app, just made a bold statement with a game-changing move: offering free public land data to all anglers, regardless of experience or target species. This move underscores a broader rebrand and refocused mission to make fishing information and opportunities more accessible to everyone.

This commitment to inclusivity is evident in onWater Fish’s newly unlocked offering of free fishing access information, a first in the industry. This data, now available at no cost to all users, includes nationwide public land data and over 108,000 map points, including fishing access points, boat ramps, rapids, fly and gear shops, water hazards, and more. In addition, onWater’s other features (some of which are part of the onWater+ subscription) include real-time weather and water conditions monitoring, float and distance estimator, offline tools, species distribution layers, private waypoints, journals, and more. All are designed to help users make informed decisions and maximize their chances of success and enjoyment on the water. This move empowers anglers of all levels to confidently explore new waters and discover hidden gems, fostering a sense of adventure and self-reliance.

“It’s been our belief since the inception of onWater Fish that everyone belongs on the water. Now we’re making efforts to ensure that’s possible,” says Alex Maier, Chief Marketing Officer at onWater. “Our goal is to provide everyone with the information they need to safely and ethically enjoy fishing, and our rebrand and newest changes reflect that commitment. We’re also dedicated to protecting the waterways we all cherish, and we’re actively working with partners and undertaking novel initiatives that support conservation efforts across the country.”

A commitment to self-reliance and conservation: onWater Fish recognizes that informed anglers are responsible anglers. By providing readily accessible data and tools, the app encourages responsible fishing practices and dispersal across the vast landscape of public waters. This helps prevent overcrowding and protect sensitive ecosystems, ultimately fostering a culture of conservation.In turn, providing a voice for one of our most precious and imperiled resources.


To learn more about what’s to come for onWater Fish, visit our website at onwaterfish.com or explore the onWater Fish app here.

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Alex Maier