Orange Mud Brings Out a Trio of New Products to Keep Athletes Organized, Focused, and Hydrated

May 16, 2018

Castle Rock, Colorado, [May 16, 2018] – Orange Mud (https://www.orangemud.com), a leading manufacturer of hydration packs for running, biking, and a range of other sports, this week released several new products.

The first of the three, the Adventure Pack 12L, is a scaled-down version of the Adventure Pack 20L, designed with long-distance running and mountain biking in mind. Equipped with the same load levelling system as its predecessor, the Adventure Pack 12L was shrunk down for maximum stability. It’s perfect for adventurers who need a bit of extra gear on a long trip but are concerned the 20L might have a bit too much space.

Orange Mud also released the Everyday Bag, a backpack that athletes can use both on the track and off. With external waterproofing, internal mesh pockets to keep cords and electronics organized, and premium fabric throughout, The Everyday Bag is a great fit for anyone who wants to jump from training to the office – and everything in-between.

Lastly, the Hydraquiver Vest Pack 2 – a redesign/update of Orange Mud’s very first product – is now available in pink.

“I started Orange Mud with the goal of changing the way runners and athletes look at hydration,” explains Josh Sprague, Orange Mud Founder and CEO. “I’ve been a competitive endurance athlete for years and done everything from adventure racing to ironman contests to mountain biking and trail running. Throughout my career, none of the gear I used met my expectations – it just never really worked for me.”

“Building your product starts simple,” he continues. “Find what you don’t like in a product and turn it into something you do. That’s the idea on which I founded Orange Mud, and it’s the core concept behind every one of our products.”

Sprague looks forward to further improving and enhancing Orange Mud’s product suite and providing a better experience for athletes everywhere.

Orange Mud

About Us – What’s in a Name – Orange Mud? We get asked about the company name quite a bit, I guess it is a little different, so here is how the story goes. I’ve logged countless hours running over the years. The scenery, adventure and calm never get old, but drinking from random packs, vests, and hydration belts just never felt right. Throughout many of these journeys, I’ve bought and modified all kinds of gear, but the perfect one never appeared. At times I found stashing bottles along the trails to be a decent solution, but have you ever seen a random dog, coyote or odd person on the trail and wonder hmmmm, is my bottle still clean or will it be there on my next loop?