Original Founder CB Vaughan Jr. is joining the Vertical Brands Team

December 9, 2022

CB Sports is thrilled to welcome Charles Bird (CB) as

Eatontown, NJ/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Charles Bird “CB” Vaughan Jr. was foremost known for his incredible abilities on skis. Skiing was a sport CB valued and enjoyed and in 1965, he sped down the mountain in Portillo, Chile at 106.89 mph, breaking the world record for the fastest human on skis. CB’s remarkable skiing career and thirst for sleek and functional ski gear led to him to launch his historical ski brand: CB SPORTS.

During his time on the mountains his unique style and personality cultivated an energetic and “fun” following where he got the opportunity to bring his ski apparel visions to life through iconic styles and colors.

CB Sports was and continues to be, a beloved and influential ski brand that has inspired and brought together multitudes of devoted fans from all demographics. It’s a brand that holds a special place in ski history and we at Vertical Brands are very excited to expand our offering with Special Markets to include team sports as well as resort apparel. “We are stoked to have CB Vaughan Jr. back on board to add his excitement to the relaunch of his brand we all know and love” says Vertical Brands CEO, Christopher Neary.

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