OrthoLite® Achieves Brand Partner Milestone

February 15, 2023

OrthoLite is the trusted footwear solution supplier for 500 leading footwear brands worldwide

AMHERST, Mass. (February 15, 2023) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/OrthoLite®, the category founder and global leader of sustainable, performance and comfort insoles and footwear materials solutions for over 25 years, celebrates a major milestone as it welcomes its 500th footwear brand partner.

​​OrthoLite is now the insole supplier of choice for 500 footwear brands worldwide, across all categories – athletic, running, comfort, golf, lifestyle, and fashion, and OrthoLite insoles are found in more than 500 million pairs of shoes every year. OrthoLite not only pioneered open-cell comfort technologies, the company also did so with recycled post production waste since its inception in 1997.

OrthoLite has a long-standing history of meaningful partnerships that demonstrate a commitment to supporting its brand partners, customers, consumers and the footwear industry. From day one, OrthoLite’s mission was simple: To help brands make better, more comfortable shoes through a highly collaborative, customer-first approach to partnership. Glenn Barrett, founder of OrthoLite, introduced the world’s first high-performance, open-cell foam PU insole that delivered a cooler, drier, healthier and more comfortable interior environment in the shoe. OrthoLite’s insole solution would raise the quality and comfort standards across the board for the entire global footwear industry.

“On behalf of the global Ortholite team, we want to say thank you to all of our brand partners for trusting us with their partnership. Consistently earning the trust of our brand partners means everything to us and our entire team is passionate about serving and problem solving for our customers,” said Glenn Barrett, CEO and Founder of OrthoLite. “This milestone also signifies that 500 brand partners share OrthoLite’s vision for the future of sustainable footwear. We are honored and inspired by this and we remain committed to delivering better, more sustainable, comfort solutions for our partners.”

Thanks to its brand partners, OrthoLite has grown from category founder to the world’s leading supplier of open-cell foam technology. In 2022, OrthoLite introduced OrthoLite Cirql™, the patented, revolutionary alternative to conventional EVA plastics that provides footwear brands and their factory partners with the most innovative and truly circular choice in materials.

OrthoLite’s abundance of quality partnerships and the brands’ mutual success is underscored by innovation through collaboration.

“Although it all started with one formulation a quarter of a century ago, today we have hundreds of comfort and performance technologies addressing the needs of the market as the result of immersion with our brand partners,” explained CB Tuite, Chief Sales Officer at OrthoLite. “Our innovation continues to be driven by our teams’ collaborative role in the development and design process with our brand partners. We want to thank all of those brands for helping us to evolve and to deliver the solutions they demanded of us across all categories, applications, and price points.”

Beyond the collaboration with its brand partners, OrthoLite has tightly woven cross-functional teams internally.

“We also have our internal business model to thank for our success,” Tuite noted. “Across all business units we put our customers first with our stalwart commitment to problem solving with and for our customers. Our team is constantly asking questions, sharing insights, best practices, and offering new innovations that address the needs of our customers. We love to serve our customers – it’s what we’re here to do.”

OrthoLite looks forward to continued growth and industry leadership. On top of continuous product innovation, the OrthoLite team is pioneering new standards of sustainability in footwear production, in zero-waste operations, and in materials.

To learn more about OrthoLite, please visit www.ortholite.com.

About OrthoLite®

OrthoLite is the world’s leading supplier of open-cell foam technology, and the innovator and creator of OrthoLite Cirql™, the patented, revolutionary alternative to conventional EVA plastics

that provides footwear brands and their factory partners with the most sustainable, circular choice in materials. OrthoLite’s innovative footwear solutions are available to brands that share a vision for the future of sustainable footwear. Currently OrthoLite is found in more than 550 million shoes across all categories each year from brands such as Adidas, Altra, Asics, Brooks, Clarks, Cole Haan, Converse, Danner, ECCO, Fendi, HOKA, Hugo Boss, Justin, New Balance, On, Reebok, Rothy’s, Salomon, Skechers, The North Face, Timberland, Toms, Under Armour, and Vans.