Orucase Introduces All-New HC Bag Collection

August 1, 2021

New Bags Represent a Complete Line Overhaul For The Brand

San Diego, CA—Orucase announces the release of their new HC accessory bag lineup. More than a year in the making, the new collection marks the first major accessory product line overhaul since the successful introduction of the Multi-Terrain Accessories in 2019.

“With plane travel at all-time lows last year, we saw a huge increase of riders choosing smaller upgrades,” said Isaac Howe, Orucase co-founder. “So we spent the last year working on ways to improve and upgrade every single one of those products, and also develop a few new ones from the ground up.”

The HC collection encompasses a wide range of riding accessories, including the popular Smuggler handlebar bag, which is now insulated and available in two sizes, a clamshell opening saddlebag, available in two sizes, and an updated insulated Black Hole feedbag. All of the products have reflective elements to help visibility when seen at night, and all are attached using Orucase’s innovated ski strap mounting system, a first for the bicycle industry.

“We’ve been known as a travel bag company,” said Colin Jaskiewicz, Orucase co-founder, “but with this new HC collection release, we’re showing our commitment to making a wider range of smarter bags for on the bike too.”

Along with the HC collection, Orucase is also introducing its first MTB-specific product, the Trail Pal.

“Isaac and I are both really into mountain biking, and the Trail Pal came about as a way of ‘building a better mousetrap,’ after we couldn’t find exactly what we needed on the market,” said Colin.

The HC collection and Trail Pal are available now via www.orucase.com and a select number of premium cycling retailers worldwide.

As with every Orucase product, every HC product’s carbon footprint is offset by their continued partnership with Cooler.


About Orucase

Founded in 2012 in a garage in New Hampshire, Orucase has helped cyclists fly more than X,XXX,XXX miles on airlines without paying oversize luggage or bike fees. For information visit www.orucase.com