Outdoor Channel’s WildFed Returns for Season Four: Exploring the Art of Hunting, Harvesting, and Cooking Wild Foods

April 29, 2024

WildFed Premieres May 6, 7:30 p.m. ET during “Taste of the Wild” Block

DENVER (April 29, 2024) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Since 2021, viewers have joined hunter and forager Daniel Vitalis on a culinary journey through the mountains, woods, and waters on WildFed on Outdoor Channel. And now, season four premieres on Monday, May 6 at 7:30 p.m. ET, offering more adventures waiting for discovery as Vitalis and his guests show the gear, techniques, and traditions to sustainably hunt, harvest, and cook the incredible wild foods found everywhere.

Season four of WildFed finds Vitalis and crew chasing down themes that have inspired their culinary adventures. One such theme has been “eating the inedible,” not only eating it but showcasing it as potentially gourmet cuisine. They explored the Asiatic carp in Kentucky to bowfish for what they were told was a fish too bony to eat. They paired up with a chef who specializes in utilizing this species at her restaurant, and the result is showing a generation of anglers that carp have what it takes to entice appetites!

WildFed has always had a three-part mission to educate, entertain, and inspire,” shared Daniel Vitalis, host of WildFed. “Entertainment is paramount, but we make sure that education and art are a close second. I love to teach so much that I sometimes wish the show could be an hour long! Viewers of season four can be sure they’ll be learning a lot about the animals, plants, and fungi we’re harvesting. Still, they’ll barely notice since the show’s artistic camera work and entertaining pacing make it a Trojan Horse for the educational content embedded within. For me, teaching is as important as being an outdoorsman.”

Season four of WildFed continues to host incredible guests. Vitalis and crew feature exciting and well-educated hunters, guides, botanists, foragers, cooks, chefs, and friends over the season. “This year, you’ll meet my friend Toa, a tattooed Maori hunter-gatherer who lives on his tribal lands in New Zealand, a zany mushroom-obsessed forager named Langdon, who takes me morel hunting in the wildfire-burned forests of Washington State, and a legendary Houndsman — and my bear hunting mentor, Lawrence — who’s been breeding and running dogs for over 40 years. We work with incredible chefs who specialize in cooking over fire; we make a meal underground in a pit-bake with red-hot stones and even make caviar from an invasive fish whose skin looks like a python’s,” shared Vitalis.

Daniel Vitalis is a Registered Maine Guide, writer, public speaker, interviewer, and lifestyle pioneer interested in helping people reconnect with the wilderness. After learning to hunt, fish, and forage as an adult, Vitalis created WildFed to inspire others to start a wild-food journey of their own. Headquartered in the Lakes Region of Maine, he lives with his wife, Avani, and their Plott Hounds, Ellie and Diez.

WildFed is produced by Oliver Anderson and Louis Burgdorf at Dynamo Films with Daniel Vitalis and Grant Guiliano at Trophic Level Media.

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