Outdoor Tech Rejoins the WH Inc. Family

March 18, 2024

Active Lifestyle agency to take on agency of record duties for public relations and brand positioning

March 18, 2024 (Seattle, WA)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – WH inc., the Seattle-based agency specializing in active lifestyle marketing, is thrilled to announce its renewed partnership with Outdoor Tech. Created specifically for hikers, skiers, campers, bikers, runners, climbers and more to roam free while staying connected in the wild, or enjoy when relaxing at home, Outdoor Tech offers the audio technology to support an outdoor lifestyle.

WH inc. and Outdoor Tech is a match that sounds especially good, with WH having previously served as Outdoor Tech’s PR agency until 2017. WH inc.’s proven track record in active lifestyle marketing is an ideal fit to deliver on Outdoor Tech’s promise to keep you connected, but not tethered.

“The iconic sasquatch is near and dear to our hearts at WH, and we welcome Outdoor Tech back with open arms — their new technology and applications for active lifestyles are right up our alley,” said Marc Williams, President, WH inc., while turning up the volume on his new Bolt magnetic speaker, which will be launching next week.

Outdoor Tech’s Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships, Joshua Frank, expressed equal enthusiasm for the partnership: “We believe WH inc. is the ideal partner to help us achieve our goals given their proven expertise in the outdoor space and innovative approach.”

The partnership between Outdoor Tech and WH inc. is poised to take the audio landscape in North America to new levels with exciting developments for outdoor enthusiasts and at-home music lovers. Stay tuned for upcoming press campaigns, events and initiatives that will help establish Outdoor Tech as the go-to brand for audiophiles wherever they roam. Details on all of Outdoor Tech’s products can be found at www.outdoortech.com.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact: Kerri Dellisanti, kerrid@wh1969.com  

About WH inc. 

Founded in Seattle, WA in 1969, WH inc. is a marketing, communications and PR agency with a focus on building brand preference for healthy, active lifestyle brands. The agency boasts a portfolio of national and global brands that are #1 in their categories and brands that are on their way. To learn more, visit WH1969.com.

About Outdoor Tech: 

Outdoor Tech’s goal from the beginning has been to address the ever-growing issue of blending a modern lifestyle in the age of mobile technology with the drive to be outdoors and present in nature. With a DNA rich in design, style and creation, mainstay products include the rugged Turtle Shell wireless speaker and power bank; the wireless CHIPS® that seamlessly fit into ski and snowboard helmets; and the small-but-mighty Buckshot 2.0 wireless speaker that’s most ideal for hiking and biking. Drawing inspiration from past products while incorporating what matters most for outdoor spaces — sustainability, conservation, and eco-friendliness — Outdoor Tech is foraging a new future and donates a portion of sales to The Conservation Alliance, helping to protect wildlands and natural spaces across North America. STAY CONNECTED ROAM FREE