OutsidePR Partners With Four Organizations for Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Work

December 6, 2023

The Kwek Society, Varlo Sports, The L. A. Foundation and Running Industry Diversity Coalition named partners for pro-bono PR work by leading active lifestyle agency

Sausalito, Calif., (Dec 6, 2023) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – OutsidePR, a leading public relations agency for the active-consumer market, is honored to announce its four selected partners for 2024 as part of the agency’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI): The Kwek Society, Varlo Sports, The L.A. Foundation and Running Industry Diversity Coalition.

In an effort to increase accessibility to and diversity within the outdoor industry, OutsidePR engineered its DEI program — as a part of its dedicated work with the Outdoor CEO Pledge, led by Teresa Baker — by engaging with a number of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion based organizations on a pro-bono basis every year. The program allows for four 4-month-long projects. OutsidePR employees and management work with the selected organizations to set and meet public relations, communications, marketing and partnership goals.

The Kwek Society, founded by Eva Marie Carney, provides period care and support to Indigenous students and communities through supplies and educational materials. It actively communicates that periods are to be celebrated, to de-stigmatize the “moon time” experience for people who menstruate.

Varlo Sports, led by founder and CEO Soj Jibowu, co-founder Chief Branding Officer Jacob Brown, and COO Ed Chang, is a BIPOC owned-and-led cycling and multisport brand, whose mission is to empower all humans to conquer the goals of tomorrow through performance apparel that transcends size, gender, religion and ability.

The L. A. Foundation, founded by Kieren Britton, is an inclusive foundation supporting women+, nonbinary adventurers and allies in the outdoors. The L.A. Foundation focuses on empowerment through events, scholarships and education.

Running Industry Diversity Coalition, led by Executive Director Kiera Smalls, works to unite the running industry to improve the inclusion, visibility and access for BIPOC Communities.

OutsidePR is also extending program opportunities to its current client base, so that brand partners such as HOKA, Cotopaxi, Wild Rye and others may offer their own support and promotional platforms to JEDI partners and form alliances and aligned partnerships with them. This omni-directional approach to outreach and awareness is designed to benefit both brands and organizations, helping initiate positive change on many levels.

“With the enormity of world issues, as well as social injustice in our own communities, it can feel overwhelming to think that we can make any positive change, but at OutsidePR, we are a passionate, committed and creative community of change-makers,” said OutsidePR’s internal JEDI task-force team. “We appreciate that many of our own partners and network within both the brand and media space, are similarly committed to doing as best we can to elevate important and underrepresented voices, issues and organizations. We just hope that our work makes a difference for our partners and the outdoor community on the whole.”

Any organizations interested in working with OutsidePR for its 2025 program, may submit an application here: https://www.outsidepr.com/jedi-partnerships

Any media interested in learning more about the DEI organizations and their work, please contact: Hello@OutsidePR.com


About OutsidePR

OutsidePR is one of the leading endurance and outdoors PR agencies in North America. While wholly dedicated to the active lifestyle category, OutsidePR services multi-national, multi-billion dollar brands as well as core endemic companies. With 21 employees across the western United States, and representing clients ranging from Cotopaxi and National Forest Foundation to Mountain Hardwear and HOKA, the agency is known for its dedication to journalism, its objectivity in pitching clients, and its credibility in endurance and outdoor sports. OutsidePR acknowledges the indigenous land on which we inhabit, and are committed to improving the DEI experience, through our dedicated JEDI program and partnerships. For more information, please visit outsidepr.com.