OutsidePR Welcomes New Client and New Hire

February 7, 2023

DripDrop Hydration, PBC Joins the Bay Area Based Agency’s Client Roster

Sausalito, Calif., (February 7, 2023)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – OutsidePR, a leading boutique public relations agency for the active-consumer market, today announced new additions to its client roster and internal team.

The agency is proud to welcome the hydration company, DripDrop. Developed by Dr. Eduardo Dolhun in 2008, DripDrop is on a mission to defeat life-threatening dehydration at home and abroad through science and innovation. DripDrop offers a quick and convenient shortcut to rehydration, accelerating fluid absorption and retention so you can feel better faster. Favored by many elite athletes, DripDrop, with the help of OutsidePR hopes to share its expertise with more outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts.

“75% of people are dehydrated from causes like exertion, heat, alcohol, altitude or even sleep, and electrolytes are the underrated tool that everyone needs,” says Jennifer Walloch, VP of Brand Marketing at DripDrop. “Unlike other electrolyte powders, DripDrop’s patented, precise ratio works fast and effectively without compromising on taste. Electrolyte powders are gaining popularity but not all are created equal. We are eager to work with OutsidePR to share our message with new audiences and ultimately help more people maintain their health and hydration.”

Since its inception, DripDrop has remained a purpose-driven company, committed to providing product donations and hands-on support to those who need it most. Contributing humanitarian aid and disaster relief support, combating dehydration in underserved populations and rehydrating firefighters who are at higher risk of injury is top priority.

“We are thrilled to partner with DripDrop,” says Gordon Wright, Founder of OutsidePR. “Not only do we work with many athletes and adventurers who depend on active hydration to keep them moving, the vision of OutsidePR also aligns seamlessly with the mission of DripDrop. We are looking forward to amplifying DripDrop’s brand identity within the outdoor space.”

Additionally, OutsidePR bolsters its internal team with the newest account manager, Zachary Levy. Hailing from Vermont, Zach brings several years of experience in public relations and marketing, having worked with brands such as Velocio Apparel, UnTapped, North St. Bags, Julbo and Bee’s Wrap.

“Zach’s immense knowledge and passion for the outdoor industry will be a huge asset to our team as well as the DripDrop account,” says OutsidePR President, Jess Fiaschetti. “As we grow, we aim to inspire and empower our employees while staying true to our core agency values.”

For more media inquiries related to DripDrop please reach out to Alice Baker at alice@outsidepr.com.

About DripDrop Hydration, PBC

DripDrop is a leading electrolyte powder developed by a doctor on a mission to treat and prevent dehydration. They offer a patented fast-acting, delicious-tasting dehydration remedy trusted by doctors, firefighters, professional athletes, and the U.S. Military. A breakthrough solution that improves upon the global oral rehydration solution (ORS) standards with its fast, uncompromised efficacy and unmatchable flavors. The product is the perfect on-the-go solution for use to combat everyday causes of dehydration – heat, exercise, sleep, travel, celebration. For more information, or to find a store that carries DripDrop, visit www.dripdrop.com.

About OutsidePR

OutsidePR is one of the leading endurance and outdoors PR agencies in North America. While wholly dedicated to the active lifestyle category, OutsidePR services multi-national, multi-billion dollar brands as well as core endemic companies. With 13 employees across the western United States, and representing clients ranging from Red Bull and National Forest Foundation to Mountain Hardwear and HOKA ONE ONE, the agency is known for its dedication to journalism, its objectivity in pitching clients, and its credibility in endurance and outdoor sports. For more information, please visit outsidepr.com.