Owner of Rock-N-Rescue Brand Acquires Omega Pacific Brand

July 21, 2022

Company Brands Now Include Rock-N-Rescue, Rock-N-Arbor, and Omega Pacific, Offering Valued Customers Even More Quality Rescue Gear and Climbing Equipment.


Rock N Rescue’s parent company, The Weinel Group has acquired the Omega Pacific brand and its associated trademarks. Omega Pacific was one of the original brands of rescue and climbing hardware. The Weinel group shall be responsible for all manufacturing of products to be marketed under the Omega Pacific name.

The acquisition stems from the company’s vision to become a one-stop shop for the newest and most innovative products in the market for rescue and safety professionals working at heights with the recent launch of their Rock-N-Arbor brand last fall, and for outdoor and recreational enthusiasts. The addition of the Omega Pacific brand helps round out the already extensive product assortment form The Weinel Group, which includes rope and webbing, tools and hardware, harnesses and helmets, recreational equipment, escape systems, and more from some of the most trusted brands in the industry.

“What started as a passion over 40 years ago quickly turned into an opportunity to help save people’s lives,” said John Weinel, owner and CEO of The Weinel Group. “Our goal is to make it easy for fire and rescue departments and those working at heights to access all the high-quality equipment they need to stay safe and help others, while also accommodating the needs of our fellow outdoor and recreation enthusiasts.”

The acquisition of the Omega Pacific brand will further establish The Weinel Group as a category leader, as Omega Pacific was one of the largest U.S. manufacturers of aluminum and steel carabiners for six markets: automotive, promotional, climbing, industrial/fire/rescue, mountaineering, and military/tactical. The Weinel Group intends to deliver the same high quality, certified hardware like Omega Pacific was known for. Although the brand will be owned and operated by The Weinel Group, the Omega Pacific brand will remain intact, so customers can expect to receive the same quality engineering and access to many of their most beloved products, including aluminum and steel carabiners for the climbing, fire, industrial, and rescue markets by early 2023.

“Both of our companies started around the same time and came up in this industry together, so it only felt right for the Weinel family to take over the brand after we ceased operations two years ago,” said Bert Atwater, former owner of Omega Pacific. “They’re one of the only companies we’d trust to carry on the Omega Pacific brand, since we know they’ll put the customers’ safety first.”

The Weinel Group is third generation operated and remains committed to providing affordable, reliable safety solutions to those working in some of today’s most dangerous professions. “Our customers are hardworking individuals who cannot risk nor afford an injury on the job, so it’s our job to identify and provide them with trusted brands like Omega Pacific – a brand that’s known for its reliability and durability,” said Weinel. “We’re honored to keep this trusted brand alive under The Weinel Group.”

To access the initial Omega Pacific product portfolio, visit www.omega-pacific.com.

About The Weinel Group

The Weinel Group is a leading manufacturer and distributor of professional safety gear and climbing equipment in the U.S. Originally established in 1982 as J.E. Weinel Inc. with the goal of making the rescue industry a safer place for rescuers and consumers alike, the company has grown to become an industry leader, serving over 500,000 customers in the specialty areas of fire and water rescue, outdoor recreation, and arbor equipment in the U.S. and Canada.