Pale Blue Earth, Recycle Utah and Recyclops Collect and Recycle Nearly 250 Pounds of Used Batteries

March 13, 2023

Three Park-City based organizations rally together to raise awareness for — and improve accessibility to — proper battery recycling and the benefits of rechargeable offerings

Park City, UTAH (March 13, 2022) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/Pale Blue Earth, the Park City-based startup creating sustainable, rechargeable alternatives to disposable alkaline batteries, and partners, Recycle Utah and Recyclops, are proud to announce that their National Battery Day pop-up collection site and 11 satellite sites were able to collect and recycle nearly 250 pounds of batteries last month. The initiative was designed to encourage individuals and businesses to properly dispose of their old batteries, and replace them with rechargeable alternatives to reduce the negative impact on the environment and help usher along a sea change in the larger battery industry.

National Battery Day, which takes place annually on February 18, aims to promote awareness about the importance of responsibly managing and recycling batteries. Paleblue used the occasion to launch a collection campaign that targeted three primary challenges:

  1. Education around the importance of proper disposal of used batteries;
  2. Improved accessibility to responsible disposable battery collection sites;
  3. Keep the waterways and open spaces of Summit County, Utah, pristine.

“We are thrilled with the overwhelming response to our National Battery Day collection campaign,” said Paleblue Founder and CEO, Tom Bishop. “Our goal was to raise awareness about the environmental impact of improperly disposing of batteries and encourage individuals and businesses to take action. It’s clear that people are eager to make a positive impact on our planet, and we’re grateful for all the enthusiastic support from our partners and the community, and we look forward to expanding our initiative moving forward.”

February’s results are a true team effort. After Paleblue’s initial education and accessibility of the collection sites, Recyclops rounded the disposed batteries and brought them to Recycle Utah. There, the collected batteries will be processed and reused, reducing the amount of hazardous waste in landfills and promoting the development of sustainable energy solutions.

Americans collectively throw away over 10 million batteries every day1. This habit is driven by an industry that has a vested interest in maintaining this planned obsolescence model, given that it guarantees profits year after year. For example, the 10 million batteries thrown away every day are replaced every year with nearly 3 billion new disposable batteries (over 8 million per day)3. This is the problem Paleblue and their partners are attempting to solve.

“We’re proud to be part of a movement that’s making a real difference in protecting our environment,” said Recyclops founder and CEO, Ryan Smith. “We look forward to continuing our efforts to create a more sustainable future for all.”

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About Pale Blue Earth

Pale Blue Earth, founded in 2018 and based in Park City, UT, is the only battery company that wants the world to buy fewer disposable batteries. Paleblue creates high-performing, convenient, reliable, and user-friendly rechargeable batteries in common formats like AAA, AAA, 9V, D, and C. Through the use of rechargeable batteries, consumers can prevent millions of pounds of hazardous waste and heavy metals from entering landfills and polluting the planet. In addition to creating products that help keep toxic batteries out of landfills, Paleblue is also a member of 1% for the Planet, and partners with Protect our Winters.

About Recycle Utah

Recycle Utah is a nonprofit engaging the community in practicing resource conservation through recycling services, education, outreach, and advocacy. We are committed to reducing waste and preventing groundwater pollution in our community. As long as the health of our local and global environment is a concern, we will strive to offer community-based resources and solutions.

About Recyclops

Recyclops’ mission is to provide sustainable solutions to all, regardless of where people live, by leveraging community and technology. Recyclops is proud to be part of a movement that helps better communities around the country. We are currently operating in 29 states, bringing accessible landfill diversion programs to homes, businesses, and brands.