Paua Nominated for CAMX Award for Ultimate Performance Cases with Minimal Environmental Impact

October 25, 2023

CAMX Trade Show’s CAMX Award Honors ‘Combined Strength, Unsurpassed Innovation’

October 25, 2023 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ Paua Trading Ltd., a leading UK-based materials brand on the cutting edge of materials innovation, has been nominated and announced as a finalist for the Composites and Materials Expo (CAMX) trade show’s CAMX Award. The flagship CAMX Award recognizes innovations that have the potential to significantly impact composites and advanced materials in the marketplace, and will be awarded to two game-changing entries that reflect the CAMX theme of ‘Combined Strength, Unsurpassed Innovation.’

Paua’s pioneering of patented, sustainable packaging and solutions includes applications for multiple industries, including surfboard cases for travel, protective cases for musical instruments, reusable packaging for shipping and logistics, and lighter, stronger and more durable products for the medical, tactical, outdoor and automotive sectors.

In working partnership with Dewforge, James Dewhurst’s easy-to-forge SRPP woven composite, Paua has been nominated as a finalist for the application and product development of the innovative material. Known for creating more sustainable and durable solutions, Paua has taken the Dewforge 3-D multi-layered woven fabric and used the material to develop a range of groundbreaking cases.

The rigid cases provide a superior alternative protective case to those made from ABS, PC, PVC or EVA foam and nylon covered cases, and are impact and crush resistant, ideal for use as protective cases for high-value sports equipment, electronics, and industrial purposes.

Unlike traditional ABS, PC, PVC or EVA protective cases, Paua’s are made of PP materials, eliminating the release of harmful chemicals during production and upon removal of the zippers, the remaining product materials are 100% recyclable. The processing and molding of the materials is low heat and low pressure, reducing manufacturing energy and resources, and significantly reducing tooling investment.

By combining the Dewforge material with Paua’s EPP foam, Paua has created a range of cases that provide the strength to rival injection or rotary molded hard plastic cases that outperform competitors with lighter weight and greater sustainability.

“The CAMX Award provides industry recognition and prestige for groundbreaking work, and we’re incredibly proud to be considered as a finalist,” said Peter Bladd-Symms, CEO and founder of Paua. “Paua is continually pushing and breaking barriers to bring new performance material solutions to market in multiple industries including sports, logistics, automotive, music, and more, and these protective cases are our next iteration of a more sustainable and highly durable product. Truly ultimate performance with minimal environmental impact.”

The official CAMX Award sponsor, Composites One, will announce the winning entries at the show’s General Session on Tuesday, October 31 in Atlanta, GA.

About Paua

Paua is a UK-based material technology company known for its development of high-performance, patented 100% polypropylene materials. With manufacturing and technical centers in the UK, China, Taiwan, and now in the USA, Paua is uniquely positioned to service the thermoplastic and composite industry worldwide. Paua was originally born out of the frustration of sports equipment being damaged in transit, and the initial construction of Paua materials were used in first-of-their-kind foldable high-protection surfboard cases used to transport high-value surfboards around the globe. Since 2016, Paua has dedicated years to researching and developing a suite of polypropylene materials and patenting the innovative combinations, applications and uses in a wide range of products. To learn more visit www.pauapro.com