Pioneering TwICEme® Technology Selects Denny, ink. for Brand Communications in North America

March 22, 2022

Stockholm, Sweden (March 22, 2022)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Swedish safe-tech company, Twiceme Technology, today announced the appointment of Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based Denny, ink. as its public relations agency of record in North America. Effectively immediately, Denny, ink. will implement a nationwide public relations and integrated media strategy to broaden brand awareness for twICEme, a smart technology that digitally stores personal safety information in your equipment allowing for more efficient and safer accident response.

Initiating a larger expansion into the North American marketplace, Twiceme will leverage Denny, ink’s long-standing media relations and expertise in the snowsports, outdoor and cycling industries. Denny, ink. brings over 15 years of experience crafting compelling messaging and brand awareness campaigns designed to generate sustained top-tier media results.

The name ‘twICEme’ comes from the idea that twICEme creates a ‘second me’ – a twice me – that can communicate vital information for you in times when you cannot. The capital ‘ICE’ represents the phrase ‘in case of emergency’ wherein twICEme allows a user to upload their safety information to their equipment via the twICEme app. Then, in an emergency, a first responder can simply use a smartphone to scan the twICEme symbol to quickly access personal safety information, greatly expediting rescue response time.

“Denny, ink. has a proven track record for helping brands connect with the end consumer,” said Christian Connolly, CEO of Twiceme Technology. “Being based in one of the largest adventure epicenters in North America and as users of a wide array of outdoor safety products, they have a comprehensive understanding of the inherent dangers that come with action sports and the knowledge of the equipment required to stay safe. Denny, ink. is very connected to the North American action sports industries; qualities we believe will help propel twICEme to the next level,” added Connolly.

twICEme has been used by POC since 2019, when the two Scandinavian companies teamed up to bring the technology into cycling helmets and apparel. Now three years later, brands like Salomon, Dianese and Julbo have also joined, and more partners are projected to be announced in Spring 2022.

“twICEme is the perfect complement to the other safety technologies that have become commonplace across the outdoor community, and we firmly believe twiCEme has a tremendous opportunity to add a new element of safety not yet seen in North America,” said Chris Denny of Denny, ink. “With the influx of people participating in wilderness adventures, whether it be skiing, climbing, or cycling, more than ever there’s a need for increased safety measures and accessible information. twICEme offers the perfect solution to both.”

About twICEme®

Twiceme Technology is a Swedish safe-tech company aiming to make equipment safe by making it smart. With people at heart, Twiceme will always innovate to make you safer. Established in 2016, twICEme® is a near field communication technology based on an idea from ex-militaries. It has since been developed in close collaboration with professional rescue teams. By building a global symbol of safety, Twiceme aims to make people safer while enjoying their pastimes more.

About Denny, ink.

Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Denny, ink. is a full-service public relations agency that specializes in developing integrated brand communication and new media programs for companies in the outdoor, snowsports, cycling, and action sports industries. Founded in 2006, Denny, ink. has established itself as a respected resource – providing on-target communications with front-end experience, creative concepts, and enthusiastic industry representation.