POC Introduces Propel Aerodynamic Eyewear

January 31, 2023

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – As part of its Aero initiative POC is delighted to release Propel, its brand-new cycling eyewear designed to enhance aerodynamics and performance for each rider.

Developed for high-performance racing and to be the most aerodynamic cycling sunglasses POC has ever produced, Propel is lightweight with a large lens and unique field of view. But what stands the Propel apart from the crowd is the aerodynamic advantage.

The result of meticulous computational fluid dynamic testing (CFD), the Propel features a unique lens and temple design to reduce drag and allow airflow to interact with the rider and their body position.

Introducing the Propel, POC’s eyewear manager, Tilda Håll said, “In developing our Aero initiative, we wanted to explore the aerodynamic potential of eyewear. We know the world of performance cycling is about marginal gains, and every watt saved can make a difference. We tested continually with CFD to research and fine-tune our ideas. The results led us to design the eyewear with the rider’s body and position in the forefront of our minds. The result is the most aerodynamic eyewear we have ever produced.”

The Propel is explicitly designed to sit closer to the face, with a wrap-around feel and precise side fairings which guide air away from a rider’s ears. This precise management of airflow brings aerodynamic gains as air is guided over the shoulders – instead of allowing a rider’s ears to cause turbulence – which creates a smoother airflow and enhances a rider’s aerodynamic profile.

Tested in CFD alongside many of POC’s performance sunglasses, the Propel’s continually came out on top, saving watts and with a new design emerging as the most aerodynamic. In addition, the Propel’s feature a unique Clarity lens that wraps further around the head and results in an incredible field of view, enhancing peripheral vision and the ability to see and react to dangers earlier.


The Propel made its professional debut at the Tour Down Under with both EF Education First teams using the new eyewear.

Commenting on the Propel’s, EF Education-TIBCO-SVB General Manager, Rachel Hedderman, said, “Performance is critical when the margins we are playing with are so small. It’s essential that the kit we use can contribute to our success, and it helps motivate us to dig even deeper knowing that everything we use is so technical and highly tuned, designed to support and enhance our effort.”

EF Education – EasyPost CEO, Jonathan Vaughters, added“There’s a saying in cycling, ‘if it looks fast, it is fast’, and that sums up Propel. We know all the aerodynamic testing that went into creating it, but equally important is the lens shape and broad field of view, which is incredibly confidence inspiring when you are packed in a tight peloton.”


The result of computational fluid dynamic testing, wind tunnel testing and rider feedback, the Propel sunglasses introduce aerodynamic gains to eyewear. In addition, the sunglasses feature finely tuned, wrap-around Clarity lenses to ensure vision is always at its sharpest.

It is constructed with a bio-grilamid frame, and three nose bridge sizes are included, allowing each user to find a comfortable and secure fit. The temples are fully adjustable in both length and grip for absolute comfort.

Hydrogen White / Violet/Silver Mirror
Uranium Black / Violet/Silver Mirror
Grey Translucent / Violet/Silver Mirror
Fluorescent Orange Translucent / Violet/Gold Mirror
Purple Quartz Translucent / Violet/Silver Mirror
Fluorescent Pink/Uranium Black Translucent / Violet/Gold Mirror

Comes as standard with a spare clear lens.

Other lenses available are:

Brown/Light Silver Mirror
Brown/Silver Mirror
Clear 90.0
Violet/Gold Mirror
Violet/Light Silver Mirror
Violet/Silver Mirror

Available soon after the launch on January 24th, 2023

Product page available HERE

Price MSRP:
249 EUR, 2499 SEK, 250 USD


All assets are available HERE
Photos by: Aron Brzezinski, Sofieke Van Bilsen, Zac Williams, Jered Gruber & Ashley Gruber.   

POC’s Aero initiative 
Aerodynamics has always been one of the fundamentals at POC, and with our new aero initiative, it’s time to re-evaluate and re-imagine performance and aerodynamics once more.

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