POC updates its sales organization in North America

January 31, 2023

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – POC, which has built a reputation on safety, innovation and design, is continuing to enhance its presence and support across critical markets with some updates to its North American and global sales organization.

Jonas Sjögren, CEO, POC said – “The North American market has been a fundamental part of our growth in recent years, and we want to keep improving and providing an enhanced experience for all consumers here. Our objective in updating our current organization in North America is to get even closer to the market, where it can play an even more significant role in supporting and influencing POC’s global perspective, growth and outlook.”

A leading manufacturer of snow sports and cycling helmets, eyewear, protection and apparel, POC was founded in 2005 in Sweden with a strong mission to ‘protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone inspired to be one’ and has received over 70 international awards for technology, innovation and design.

The organizational update in the POC NA head office in Park City has seen some specific management, marketing and finance roles change. Most notable will be the departure of NA Managing Director Ben Coats, who has been heading up the office since 2018.

Jonas Sjögren, added – “Ever since POC started selling in North America, we have been overwhelmed with how cycling and snow sports enthusiasts here have embraced POC and our mission to improve safety. I want to pay a huge amount of respect to Ben Coats, who has been leading the North America team and office for several years. Our positive position in NA is largely down to his tireless efforts to improve all aspects of the business, and he departs with our utmost gratitude and best wishes for the future.”

All changes will come into full effect from February 2023 and will go towards building on the consistent and high-quality experience that North American re-sellers, digital and physical, have come to appreciate and expect. Day-to-day operations will continue to be handled by POC’s North America Sales Manager, Jessie Fallentine, who will play a crucial role in leading, servicing and supporting all POC-related businesses across North America.

Newly appointed Global Chief Commercial Officer, Kolja Plegt, said – “By encouraging a consistent global perspective, we are laying down the foundations to support all our retail partners with the tools and products they need. Our North American team is critical in shaping POC’s future to better connect with our enthusiastic and growing North American community and beyond.”

Any questions regarding sales and becoming an official POC re-seller can be directed to dealerservice@pocsports.com

Jessie Fallentine, North America Sales Manager, is based in POC’s North America office in Park City and is available at jessie.fallentine@pocsports.com