ProEditors Partners with 3D Robotics, Creates Professionally Edited Drone Video from Raw Footage

September 1, 2016

Register your 3D Robotics Solo drone, receive a 20% discount for ProEditors video editing services

Telluride, Colo. (For Immediate Release) – ProEditors, a video editing solution that transforms raw point-of-view camera footage into professionally edited movies, is proud to announce a partnership with 3D Robotics (3DR), makers of the world’s most user-friendly personal drones. 

This partnership gives 3DR Solo drone owners a 20% discount on ProEditors video editing services. Simply register your drone to receive a code, upload raw video to the ProEditors website, enter the discount code at checkout, and receive an affordable, professionally edited final product in just a couple days. 

“ProEditors is an exciting option for 3DR Solo owners, as it lets them concentrate more on utilizing our drones cinematography technology in the field, and spend less time in post-production,” said Oren Schauble, Vice President of Marketing for 3D Robotics. 

Shooting footage is easy, creating a professional-looking final edit that people will actually want to watch is hard. By partnering together, ProEditors and 3DR offer the perfect combination of easy to fly drones and easy to use video editing services. 

“The footage we receive from 3D Robotics customers is top notch and makes for a beautiful edit that our editors enjoy working with,” said Patrick Latcham, ProEditors Cofounder and CEO. “The Solo can film and fly, ProEditors can edit. This partnership makes aerial cinematography easier than ever.” 

To use ProEditors, simply submit raw video footage to their online video uploader, highlight any favorite scenes, and in a couple days receive a link to a final edit, complete with soundtrack, color enhancement and stabilization. Still think it could be better? Simply hit the ‘revise’ button to tailor it to your liking. 

Camera companies understand video editing is difficult and time consuming, so they are acquiring software editing platforms to help make the process more user-friendly. ProEditors is a step ahead of the curve, offering editing services to anyone who wants to use it. And with the increasing popularity of drone footage, their partnership with 3DR makes it easier than ever for amateur videographers to create pro-quality edits. 

The ProEditors video editing platform lowers the average editing time from four hours to just 20 minutes so users can spend more time in the field shooting and less time in front of a screen editing.

About ProEditors:

The ProEditors video editing solution transforms raw point-of-view camera footage into professionally edited movies that are easily shared with friends. Headquartered in Telluride, Colorado, ProEditors was founded by Patrick Latcham and his girlfriend who were making extra cash by editing GoPro footage for family and friends. Finding it time consuming and difficult to obtain the footage and payment, they decided to create a platform that would make the entire process painless. Soon after, they realized how this concept could be expanded beyond their personal network, making video editing affordable for everyone. ProEditors uses a hybrid production process that combines crowdsourcing of experienced video editors with automation of specific segments of the video editing process to deliver a low cost, high quality edit to consumers and to brands. The ProEditors video editing platform lowers the average editing time from four hours to just 20 minutes. For additional information, please visit proeditors.com.