RareWaters Expands Team, Hires New CEO

October 6, 2022

DENVER, Colorado /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – RareWaters is expanding its leadership team, bringing on a new Chief Executive Officer and additional sales and marketing team members, as it expands fly fishing property access across the Rocky Mountain region. The new team aims to enhance the RareWaters experience for landowners and anglers by leveraging technology, creating content and expanding its portfolio of private fly fishing properties.

Brenden Stucky, Founder of RareWaters, and the Board of Directors are excited about the expansion of the company’s team and growth. As part of this change, Stucky assumes the role of Chief Financial Officer and oversees all strategic, financial, and operational aspects of the company. Just as he was four years ago when starting RareWaters, Stucky remains steadfast to the company’s mission and is beyond ecstatic about the passion and capabilities of the additional team members.

Stucky quotes, “We are extremely excited about what the future holds with this new team. This group brings decades of fly fish industry knowledge, contacts, and the ability to execute our vision to catapult RareWaters, our partners, and our customers to the next level. We remain dedicated to building the best product and experience for landowners and anglers. The next few years are going to be a lot of fun. Stay tuned.”

We are pleased to announce RJ Hosking assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer to lead the company’s strategy and execution for the next stage of impact and growth. Hosking formerly held various roles within the outdoor and experiential industries at organizations like Patagonia, Zamp Solar, Dometic Outdoor, and Airbnb. During his 15+ years at Patagonia, Hosking’s experience included overseeing the fly fish product line and implementing strategies to unlock the best experience possible for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts of all generations. Hosking currently oversees sales and marketing efforts as well as leads business development in partnership with Stucky.  Hosking’s intimate knowledge of the fly fish industry and broader outdoor and experiential landscape brings unmatched value to the RareWaters team and platform.

We are equally as excited to introduce Chet Hervey to the team, overseeing marketing, content, and media efforts. Hervey brings 18+ years of overarching marketing experience to RareWaters’ organizational capabilities. His background includes working in the content space with top brands like Garmin, Beretta, and onX Maps. Hervey’s skillset will raise the profile of our current portfolio of properties as well as help unlock new properties by creating premium content around the RareWaters experience for both landowners and anglers.

Adrienne Fay continues the critical work overseeing Customer Success with over 15+ years of hosting, hospitality, and customer service experience. She remains RareWaters’ key contact for linking anglers and landowners together to create the best experience possible for everyone.

The newly expanded and energized RareWaters team has decades of experience in the fly fish industry and is already engaged in deploying their passion and capabilities to achieve RareWaters’ mission.


RareWaters was born with the goal of providing landowners with resources to conserve their habitat and democratizing private fly fishing access for all anglers. By leveraging modern technology and unlocking premium private property access, its goal is to provide all anglers fly fishing experiences of a lifetime.