RareWaters Launches Brand’s First Short Film

July 13, 2023

Film Sheds Light on Brand Mission and Redefining the Private Water Experience

Denver, COLORADO /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – RareWaters, a water access platform for fly anglers interested in fishing private ranches in the Rocky Mountain West, announced the release of their first brand film.

RareWaters links landowners and anglers together in one place, enabling premium do-it-yourself fly fishing experiences without the markup. Their mission is to spread the power of the outdoors and inspiration to conserve it, believing the world is a better place when people tap into their instincts and connect with the outdoors. For RareWaters, that connection starts with the destination.

Seeing the value of a community of landowners and fly anglers passionate about thriving outside and conserving the environment for future generations, the brand aims to provide a simple and affordable way for anglers to book private fishing experiences and get away from the crowds.

Featuring Founder Brenden Stucky, CEO RJ Hosking, and Head of Sales Andy Dunn from RareWaters’ leadership team – the 7-minute film highlights the brand’s mission and vision statements while incorporating a landowner testimonial that advocates the brand’s commitment to their ultimate goal – opening more water to more anglers in the west.

“RareWaters is best known as the ‘Air BnB of Fly Fishing’ for its two-sided marketplace business strategy linking anglers with landowners together on an easy-to-use platform,” said CEO RJ Hosking. “We are an industry disruptor with a clear vision to change fly fishing for the better with a focus around inclusivity, conservation, and providing exceptional experiences that benefit both sides of the angler and landowner equation equally.” Added Hosking, “We are on target to offer 100 exceptional properties across the West by the end of the year with massive support from brand partners and advocates behind our mission. We are excited for what’s to come.”

Founded by Brenden Stucky in 2019 to help combat angler pressure on public waterways by partnering with property-owners to monetize previously underutilized land, RareWaters grants anglers access to private ranches throughout Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, California, and Idaho. Unlike some private membership groups or clubs that charge initiation, yearly dues, and minimum use fees, RareWaters offers an affordable way to access pristine water. RareWaters donates $25 of every membership to nonprofit organizations such as Trout Unlimited, Fishing the Good Fight, Casting for Recovery, and Project Healing Waters.

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