Real Food, Real Energy: Maghalie Rochette x HOLOS Helmet Collaboration

April 26, 2023

Elite cyclist Maghalie Rochette bucks the trend on energy drinks, choosing ‘real food’ for helmet partnership

Québec CityApril 26, 2023 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – HOLOS, the Canadian organic overnight muesli ‘superfood’ brand fueling athletes of all kinds to new personal bests, and Maghalie Rochette, elite Canadian off-road cyclist and host of the ‘Fever Talk’ podcast, are thrilled to announce a new custom helmet sponsorship.

While it’s common for athletes to turn to energy drinks for a quick boost, Rochette is steadfast in her commitment to fueling with real foods, made from quality, natural ingredients. Likewise, while many elite athletes partner with energy drink companies for helmet sponsorships, Rochette is dedicating her helmet to a ‘real food for fuel’ partner. She sees her helmet collaboration with HOLOS as an opportunity to highlight a different approach, and showcase the power of real foods for natural energy.

The helmet sponsorship, which will run through mid-June, enables Rochette to showcase the HOLOS brand on her helmet across several major North American cycling races. Rochette debuted the helmet this past weekend at the Sea Otter Classic event in Monterey, California. Its design is a nod to the sensation of flying, and was inspired by Asterix and Obelix, characters in a French comic book series beloved by Rochette, who adventure around the world during the era of Julius Caesar with the aid of a ‘magic potion’ – symbolic of HOLOS serving as the ‘magic’ fuel that helps power Rochette to the podium. With its bright, vibrant colors and bold, funky shapes, the playful helmet design gives Rochette a “constant reminder to have fun” – and also helps her stand out from the crowd. This collaboration expands on the existing long-term partnership Rochette has established with HOLOS as her year-round nutrition partner and go-to fueling system.

“The HOLOS team is elated to be working with Maghalie for our first-ever helmet sponsorship,” said Samuel T. Scofy, co-founder and chief marketing officer at HOLOS. “Maghalie is a truly special athlete and person, who always rides with a smile and wears her heart on her sleeve. Her ‘fun-first’ approach to racing and dedication to prioritizing wellness on all levels are perfectly aligned with the HOLOS ethos, and we couldn’t ask for a better representative of our brand.”

A self-proclaimed “speed demon at heart,” Rochette found her passion in cyclocross racing after exploring a multitude of different sports and cycling disciplines growing up. She immediately thrived on the rough terrain, often-muddy conditions, technical aspects and dynamic nature of cyclocross, and has amassed one of the most impressive resumes in the sport since her competitive debut at just 12 years old. Today, she finds herself on podiums throughout the world, and is decorated with such distinctions as two consecutive Canadian National and Pan-American Cyclocross Championship titles, a 2019 UCI World Cup win, and multiple World Cup podium finishes.

In her constant quest for improvement – not just on her bike, but in all aspects of life – Rochette is a natural champion, and prides herself on living a natural, holistic lifestyle. As an elite athlete who is constantly on the move, Rochette’s life requires steady fueling to keep her going strong.

“In cyclocross, we go as hard as we can for an hour straight,” said Rochette. “Nutrition before the race is key, as you want to feel strong, but also light. It’s a fine balance, and I’ve found it with HOLOS. I am so proud to represent a made-in-Québec product that I truly believe in.”

Founded in 2016, HOLOS is laser-focused on its mission to transform and elevate the breakfast category, not just for athletes, but for all those with a fast-paced lifestyle. The brand’s organic muesli blends are packed with 20 grams of plant protein and superfoods to provide sustained energy for the long run, with six great-tasting flavor varieties available.

For more information, visit liveholos.com.


Based out of Québec City, Canada, HOLOS is the ultimate feel-good fuel for anyone with an active lifestyle. The brand’s creamy, crunchy, certified USDA organic overnight muesli blends combine whole grains, plant proteins (20 grams!), seeds, probiotics, and dried fruits for an ideal ‘superfood’ meal to power the body and mind, leave consumers feeling satisfied, and provide sustained energy to last well into the day. Available in six unique, tasty flavor varieties and endlessly customizable, HOLOS muesli is easy to prepare, and perfectly convenient to take on-the-go. HOLOS’ holistic breakfast system is gluten free, vegan, sugar conscious, and easy on the gut. For more information, visit liveholos.com, or @liveholos on Instagram.

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