REGGIE Cycling Apparel Hires SIMBOL Communications as PR Agency of Record

March 6, 2019

Upstart Canadian brand looks to strengthen US growth for its renowned quality, bold design aesthetic and reasonable pricing

Port Hope ON, Canada — Whether it’s classy camo, sleek debossing, awesome pattern mashups, or any of their other standout designs, REGGIE cycling apparel is aiming for substantial growth south of the border to add to its widespread Canadian fanbase. To that effect, they’ve hired the industry veterans at Park City-based SIMBOL Communications to help maximize the buzz across both endemic and non-endemic channels.

Launched in 2016 as a personal passion project for founder and former elite cyclist Jeff Wills, the brand has built a strong reputation for their unique designs which include some of the boldest, most fun and colorful apparel on the market, while remaining classy and enduring. While primarily a direct-to-consumer brand, REGGIE is not afraid to sell their products at retailers, but only a few key, similar-minded stores have that privilege – the same approach will apply with US retailers if they can find appropriate dealers.

Design is clearly first and foremost with all REGGIE products, but to ensure they perform as great as they look, the brand employs a unique approach to sizing and gender-specificity that really sets them apart in the industry and keeps their customer highly loyal: Every one of the many REGGIE jersey designs is offered in both male- and female-specific versions, and they’re all available in two different cuts as well, Fast and Faster. Both offer performance fits, but the Faster cut fits closer all around. So no matter the design, gender or preferred fit, REGGIE has a perfectly tailored jersey for their consumer.

That urge to do things differently is one of the driving forces behind every product they design – so much so, they often look to the competition to know what NOT to do. “REGGIE is not afraid to break the industry molds, whether it’s design, business model or whatever else,” says Wills. “We keep our designs different from the rest for this reason. If all the other brands look the same and they all come across so seriously, then we have to look different, talk different, act different. Different to us also means more fun! But don’t get me wrong: ‘fun and different’ also means better, smarter products.”

This philosophy fits perfectly with the team at SIMBOL. “We’re always looking for those brands who stand out and do things their own way – as long as we feel it’s the better way, and with REGGIE there’s no doubt. We kind of do that with our own business, so it’s a natural fit,” says co-founder Nic Sims.

“We’ve been in this industry a long time and it’s rare to see REGGIE’s combination of truly standout designs, impeccable attention to detail and quality, and relatively affordable pricing. They also totally love what they’re doing, and they just have so much fun with their business,” adds SIMBOL co-founder Scott Boulbol. “I’m always looking forward to reading humorous little quips they’ll put on their products, website and signage.”

REGGIE’s product line also includes top-end bibs and shorts, jackets and vests, warmers etc., which all share their trademark styling, along with the same precise fit, top-quality construction. and variety of functional detailing.


REGGIE (Reggie Sports Inc.) is a Canadian brand, founded by the Wills Kids, and we create cycling gear that will make you grin and push you on your next ride. Bike riding is fun and awesome, and REGGIE is about keeping it that way through unique designs and pro level quality that stand out from the pack.

About SIMBOL Communications

SIMBOL Communications formed to help brands tell truthful, authentic stories through exposure in a wide variety of media outlets, developing creative  in the outdoor, cycling and fitness industries — as both industry professionals and competitive enthusiasts — the founders of SIMBOL have the all the tools to get powerful stories to the right audience.