RepSpark’s leading B2B eCommerce Platform launches Community connecting Brands and Retailers

October 13, 2021

CA Based B2B eCommerce Platform, RepSpark launches Community to connect over 20,000 retailers to Brands in Q4 2021.

ANAHEIM, Oct. 13, 2021 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – RepSpark, the leading B2B platform providing digital solutions for wholesale commerce in the apparel, accessories, and footwear industry, today launched Community–a new buyer and brand experience for faster collaboration on the RepSpark platform, including the introduction of key features for both brands and buyers for the Q4 buying season.

One of the main problems within the wholesale buying process has been the time-consuming hours required to switch between brands to place orders. Now, through Community, both retailers and brands will have one login to place orders and request access to hundreds of brands on one single platform.

For the launch of Community, RepSpark developed an intuitive UX design to optimize connection all-in-one place. Now with features like single sign-on, Community profiles, and one-click access requests, brands on the RepSpark platform can market their unique products and categories to over 20,000 retailers on RepSpark’s platform.

For retailers, this means the ability to collaborate with even more brands that they are currently carrying as well as new brands they are looking to add. With robust search capabilities and filtering options as well as recommendations- retailers can segment by industry, vertical, category, and gender to find new brands and request access through the Community platform.

Additionally, for new and emerging brands, Community is a tool to optimize their marketing. Without a network of retailers, new and emerging brands can build awareness through the Community, be introduced to new buyers, and grow their retailer network through their Community profile. And unlike other marketplaces, Community is designed for brands to select who they collaborate with and grant access to. Any retailer can request access to a brand’s catalog and line but ultimately the brand is in control of who they approve.

Along with Community, RepSpark’s increased dedication to providing a seamless selling and buying experience includes enhancements to the shoppable Digital Catalog through 360 images and video, optimizing insignia and embroidery features for brands in the golf, workwear, and uniform market, and providing deeper customizations and richer reporting capabilities for enterprise accounts.

The launch of Community plays a key role in RepSpark’s mission to provide digital solutions to further B2B Commerce through collaboration between retailers and brands.  Committed to furthering education and optimizing the wholesale process, RepSpark’s client base includes brands like Peter Millar, johnnie-O, 5.11 Tactical, Stance, Salt, Pura Vida, and more.

“It’s been our goal from the start to create a system of success for our brands and retailers and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks in the wholesale ordering process,” says President and CEO Meghann Butcher, “With Community, it’s easy to connect, without the added back and forth, solving one of the key challenges in our industry. Our goal is simple: to provide an intuitive and personalized way for brands and retailers to connect and collaborate through technology. We look forward to creating more solutions and experiences for our customers.”

ABOUT RepSpark:

RepSpark is the leading provider of digital solutions for B2B wholesale commerce.  Designed to be personalized, intuitive, and powerfully intelligent,  RepSpark’s platform drives brands to connect and collaborate with their buyers to place orders, create digital line sheets and analyze key data 24/7. With RepSpark brands leverage technology to drive sales growth and better serve their retailers. Founded in 2007, RepSpark is headquartered in Anaheim, CA. For more information visit: www.repspark.com