ReSport partners with USRowing for “Row the Great Lakes” Challenge

July 14, 2020

Realtime Experience Sport (ReSport), a platform for advanced virtual races and challenges, mapping, registration, results, and race tracking systems, has partnered with USRowing to launch “Row the Great Lakes” this week. Starting Wednesday, participants will be able to log meters toward virtually rowing from Chicago to Toronto via Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario, a total distance of 1,082 miles.

USRowing was attracted to the ReSport platform following the success of multiple virtual challenges produced for British Rowing, including “Row the Atlantic” and “Row to the Moon.” ReSport has established itself as the premiere virtual race platform due to its real time leaderboards, which display all participants and update continuously without browser refresh, and its advanced mapping capabilities.

Both teams and individuals can be placed on interactive maps using the platform. Map styles (like “retro” or “night”) can be applied to achieve a high degree of customization, and participants have the ability to upload their own GPX file and follow their own course in addition to the one set by event organizers. Routes are supported across water as well as land, following roads or off-road. Progress maps are displayed for individual, team, and overall views.

Some events choose to add their own markers to the progress maps for a more immersive experience. DMSE Sports added markers containing pictures and links to tell the story of Dave McGillivray’s 1978 cross-country run for their event, Medford2Medford. An upcoming virtual swim the length of a lake in New York uses markers to describe famous landmarks. Markers can include text, images, and embedded video to enhance the presentation of the event and add value for participants and sponsors.

ReSport offers registration for a variety of event types, including races, camps, clinics, performances, challenges, and virtual races, through its cloud-based software. ReSport also offers interactive course mapping with unlimited routes and elevation profiles for races and tours, advance results displays, and participant tracking. All components of the platform are mobile-friendly and update in real-time, without the need for browser refresh.

To watch Row the Great Lakes starting Wednesday, July 15: http://resport.io/greatlakes

To learn more or create your own virtual race or challenge, email: info@ReSport.io