Revolutionizing Sustainability: StokedPlastics®, Turning Ocean Trash Into Performance Plastic Treasure

May 9, 2024

Using 10x More Recycled Plastic Than Traditional Methods.

LOS ANGELES/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ –StokedPlastics®, an award-winning pioneer in environmental innovation, announces a groundbreaking solution to combat plastic pollution. Founded by James Merrill, a former US Government Contractor with extensive experience in impoverished communities across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, StokedPlastics®, is set to transform plastic bottle pollution into valuable performance plastic.

StokedPlastic®, sets a new standard with ten times more recycled content than the industry norm. From adventure gear to luxury hard goods, StokedPlastic®, seamlessly integrates into manufacturing processes, accelerating brands’ environmental and ESG goals for 2025 and beyond.

With over 381 million tons of plastic waste produced annually and a staggering 91% left unrecycled, StokedPlastics®, introduces a patent-pending performance plastic that incorporates over 25% recycled plastic by weight—significantly higher than the 2-3% utilized in conventional recycling methods.

StokedPlastic® pellets are crafted from recycled plastic water bottles sourced from global recycling partners throughout Indonesia and Asian coastline. These pellets boast superior durability, flexibility, carbon efficiency, and circularity compared to traditional injection-molded plastics.

As a testament to its efficacy, StokedPlastic®, powers Opolis Optics, the world’s first fully sustainable eyewear company. From frames to their microfiber cleaning cloths and pouches, every component, excluding lenses, is crafted from recycled water bottles, epitomizing circularity in production.

Recognized for its groundbreaking contributions, StokedPlastic®, has garnered acclaim in the Outdoor Industry, earning sustainability and innovation awards. Merrill was featured on NPR’s How I Built This with Guy Raz with special guest mentor Gary Erickson, founder of Clif Bar.

The StokedPlastics® team, comprised of experts in materials science, scaling companies, luxury eyewear, international supply chain management, and military veterans, is poised to drive widespread adoption of this game-changing technology.

Merrill says, “We aim to clean up the oceans while showcasing the game-changing potential of StokedPlastic®, If we’re going to actually make an environmental dent, then we must hold ourselves to a higher standard. For us, that’s positioning StokedPlastic®, as the gold standard as we continue to research and drive progress towards incorporating 100% recycled water bottle content into every product.”

About StokedPlastics®

StokedPlastics® is a leader in environmental and plastic innovation, incorporating over 10 times more recycled content than the industry standard.  StokedPlastic® seamlessly integrates into manufacturing practices with price parity to current recycled material alternatives, facilitating easy brand adoption.

Media Contact:

James Merrill,  info@opolisoptics.com