RoverPass and Campspot Announce Strategic Integration Simplifying Online Reservation Process

July 5, 2022

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 5, 2022/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Today, RoverPass, a top-tier online campground booking marketplace and reservation management software, is excited to announce its partnership with Campspot, another extensive online marketplace. The collaboration enables access to a larger inventory selection through an integration that connects RoverPass and Campspot to one another for a seamless online booking experience.

Through the integration, Campspot will now have access to all RoverPass instant book inventory to grow their marketplace, adding to their RV and Campground online booking ecosystem. Additionally, RoverPass will drive traffic from relevant searches to Campspot, allowing users to explore options from both marketplaces.

“Our partnership with Campspot creates a more unified experience for both campers and campground owners by making it easier to organize a trip outdoors. We certainly look forward to building similar collaborations with other key vendors in this space,” says RoverPass CEO, Ravi Parikh.

The partnership adds a straightforward approach to booking an RV or campground space by making it easier for people to discover thousands of additional sites in any one location. This in turn, allows properties and facilities to be shown to more visitors across a wider audience which increases business and revenue for campground and RV park owners.

“I’m proud of this innovative integration between Campspot and RoverPass, which reinforces our collective commitment and collaboration in our shared goal of strengthening the outdoor travel industry,” says Campspot CEO Michael Scheinman. “Together we can add the most value to campgrounds and to campers; I expect this will be the first of many joint efforts by leading outdoor travel brands to increase access to and exposure for the wonderfully diverse array of campgrounds across North America.”


Founded in 2015, RoverPass has quickly grown to become a leading marketplace provider in the camping industry. In creating a swift sign-up process for campground and RV park owners, businesses have been able to reach a wider demographic while increasing revenue by 20% along with an added boost in reach, visibility, and traffic. RoverPass also provides RV parks and campgrounds with a comprehensive Central Reservation System allowing owners to manage and optimize their business while accepting reservations, all in one place.

To learn more about RoverPass Software or the RoverPass Marketplace, visit info.roverpass.com or contact our sales team at sales@roverpass.com.