Ruffwear Turns Excess Material Into Limited Edition Meadow Stream Collection

January 21, 2022

Leaders in dog gear release a new series of products that encourages sustainability through design

BEND, OR (Jan. 19, 2022) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Ruffwear, the leading manufacturer of performance dog gear built to enhance and inspire exploration for outdoor adventurers and their human companions, is excited to announce the debut of its limited-edition Meadow Stream product line. The new Meadow Steam series is made from excess material from other Ruffwear products and features three existing products from Ruffwear that will utilize excess materials to cut down on waste.

This limited-run collection is part of Ruffwear’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, and an effort to limit waste by using all of the excess materials from previous product launches. Ruffwear is thrilled to offer consumers a low-impact product that is designed specifically to cut back on waste.

“With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, surplus fabric from discontinued gear can get a new outlook on life as the centerpiece for Ruffwear’s Meadow Stream Collection,” says Ruffwear Director of Marketing, Susan Strible. “Repurposing materials cut back on waste, overhead cost, and most importantly, reduces our overall environmental impact. All of these things are important to us, and ultimately helped our team come up with the idea for this new line.”

Limited series breathes new life into surplus materials; eliminates waste

The Meadow Steam collection is inspired by the rocks and ripples that make up our favorite water features to come across with our dogs. It’s only available in limited quantities and there won’t be additional lines made.

These classic Ruffwear products include the Web Master Harness, Quencher Bowl, and the Stash Bag made from excess materials.

For more information about Ruffwear, its products, and its mission, visit ruffwear.com or visit them on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter @Ruffwear. The limited-edition Meadow Stream collection is now available on the Ruffwear website here.

About Ruffwear

Ruffwear’s mission is to build performance dog gear to enhance and inspire exploration for outdoor adventurers and their human companions. For nearly 25 years, Ruffwear Performance Dog Gear™ has combined technology, quality, fit, function, and safety to facilitate its belief that every dog is an explorer.

Ruffwear is committed to enhancing the lives of all dogs and their human companions through relationships with Best Friends Animal Society and The Conservation Alliance. Through its Ruff Adventure Dog Adoption Program with Best Friends, Ruffwear covers the cost of adoption fees and travel expenses for newly adopted dogs from the Kanab, Utah sanctuary, as well as a new Ruffwear collar and leash to go home with. By protecting wild places for their habitat and recreation values through membership in The Conservation Alliance, Ruffwear works to ensure there are plenty of wild, open spaces for dogs and their humans to enjoy together.

Based in Bend, Oregon, Ruffwear sells its products through specialty pet and outdoor retailers as well as at www.ruffwear.com.