RV Retailer is now Blue Compass RV

November 14, 2022

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 14, 2022 — RV Retailer, LLC, the fastest growing RV retail company in the United States with over 100 full-service RV dealerships, announced that it is launching the Blue Compass RV brand.  With the new RV lifestyle brand, RV Retailer’s name is changing to Blue Compass RV today.  In 2023, the Blue Compass RV brand name will be rolled out to the company’s 100 stores across America.

Blue Compass RV will be rolled out to the Company’s 100+ Stores Across America in 2023

The Blue Compass RV brand and logo were selected to reflect the company’s purpose of helping customers navigate their RV adventures across America while creating lasting memories with their families and friends.  This is driven by the company’s mission to provide an exceptional RV sales, service and ownership experience that exceeds the expectations of its customers.

“We are excited to launch the Blue Compass RV brand,” said Jon Ferrando, Founder, President and CEO of Blue Compass RV.  “Our goal is to create a powerful, iconic RV brand around an exceptional customer experience provided by our passionate associates across America.  This is the next exciting phase for our company.  We will make significant investments to promote the brand as we continue to relentlessly invest in all aspects of our business and grow our RV share.”

With the new brand name, the company’s stores are now part of the Blue Compass RV Family of Stores.  In 2023, the company will change the names of its stores to Blue Compass RV, starting in January in Florida.  The company will make significant investments in the store interior and exterior design including new signage reflecting the inspiring Blue Compass RV brand identity.  The new brand rollout will consolidate 20 plus regional store brand names into one powerful brand that consumers will trust from coast to coast as they travel America in their RVs.  Blue Compass RV will also provide a powerful digital presence, with meaningful marketing benefits resulting from the brand consolidation.

The inspiring logo, which features a sun-drenched landscape of mountains accessible by a road of possibilities inside a compass, is a nod to Americans’ great love affair to travel the United States on the open road in their RV.

Blue Compass RV has experienced tremendous growth and success since the company’s formation in June 2018, growing to 106 stores in 33 states.  Blue Compass RV is the fastest to sell over 120,000 RVs in just over four years. With more than 15,000 new and pre-owned RVs available for purchase and more than 1,000 service bays, Blue Compass RV offers the broadest array of options for the RV consumer – from first-time owners to experienced RV road warriors.

To learn more about Blue Compass RV, please visit:  https://www.bluecompassrv.com

Blue Compass RV

Blue Compass RV (formerly RV Retailer, LLC) is a leading recreational vehicle retail company in the United States with a mission to provide an exceptional RV sales, service and ownership experience that exceed the expectations of our customers. RV Retailer has over 100 full-service RV dealerships in 33 states across America.  The Blue Compass RV stores sell a wide range of new and used RV brands with thousands of RVs in inventory.

Blue Compass RV is led by founder Jon Ferrando, Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President. Jon Ferrando was instrumental in building America’s largest automotive retailer from start-up to over $20 billion in revenue.  Blue Compass RV’s top leadership team has over 250 years of automotive and RV retail industry experience.

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