Season Four of “The Fishmonger” Offers More Ocean Tales & Sustainable Seas on Outdoor Channel

April 15, 2024

“The Fishmonger” Features San Diego Native Tommy Gomes and is Produced by “Ranch America” and “Dead Meat” Production Team

DENVER (April 15, 2024) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Bait your hooks for adventure because The Fishmonger returns on May 6 at 9:30 p.m. ET on Outdoor Channel during the network’s “Taste of the Wild” block of programming Monday evenings. The highly anticipated fourth season with host Tommy Gomes, known affectionately as “Tommy the Fishmonger,” promises more action, laughter, and scrumptious seafood.

In the upcoming season, viewers will join Gomes as he teams up with local fishmongers across the country to unearth regional fishing practices and culinary delights. The season kick-starts in the Carolinas, where he tries not to get bogged down in the mud but basks in Southern angling traditions.

Traveling to the rugged Oregon coast, Gomes and chef pal, Maylin, revel in the quirky deliciousness of “gooey ducks.” The excitement soars with a tuna-spotting aerial adventure and a trip to Venice, Louisiana, where Gomes dives into the heart of local fishing customs.

The culinary voyage hits a crescendo in New Orleans. There, he samples authentic seafood soul food at “Heard Dat Kitchen” and joins the acclaimed “G.W. Fins” to whip up innovative fish dishes that dance across the palate.

The Fishmonger began as a salut to the challenges and triumphs of San Diego’s fishermen and the communal table they share with chefs, neighbors, and the global market. With his roots deeply embedded in his Portuguese family’s fishing legacy, Tommy Gomes has become an icon of the sea’s bounty, celebrating each catch’s story from ocean to plate.

Gomes’ infectious passion has led to local and international acclaim, and he’s not slowing down. His commitment to sustainable, responsible seafood practices, and his zeal for educating the public about the ocean’s treasures, have made him an influential voice in the fishing industry.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Gomes relishes time at local eateries, watching hockey, and cruising in his boat, motorcycle, or classic ’55 Ford pickup.

Don’t miss the chance to set sail with one of the most charismatic figures on television for a Season 4 that’s guaranteed to hook viewers with a tidal wave of entertainment and enlightening sea-to-table stories.

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